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Inbound Marketing

3 Tips for Creating Effective Display Ads

display adIf you are incorporating display ads as part of your enterprise inbound marketing approach, you'll need to consider a number of factors to create a truly effective ad that drives traffic to your landing page. Here are some tips to ponder prior to launching your display ad campaign:

  • Placement - your display ad placement should be aligned with your overarching business objective. Are you seeking to expand your brand? Then target an audience that your brand would resonate with but has not yet reached. You may be well known in the United States but unknown in Canada and looking to grow revenue there. Demographically targeted, well trafficked Canadian business sites might be a wise option. Do you offer services currently focused on a specific industry that could be valuable to other industries? Various industry focused sites might be a good place for your display ads. Let your business goals drive your ad placement decisions.
  • Size - Size matters. In display ads, that is. A 300 x 250 pixel ad isn't a lot to work with so you'll need to be crystal clear with your messaging. Don't hesitate to use animation (typically in .gif or Flash) format to present an initial pain point followed by the solution your company brings to the table. Be sure to confirm guidelines and restrictions with the site you are placing your ad on. And don't forget to visually match your display ad to the landing page you ultimately want to convert a website visitor on.
  • Measurement - good marketing is rigorous experimentation. You'll need to track not only the ads with the most click throughs but also the landing pages that work best - whether they are separate landing pages based on display ads or A/B versions of a common landing page.

There's certainly a lot to think about. Display ads can provide an increase in brand reach for you and drive visitors to your site that may not have arrived there through your enterprise inbound marketing techniques.

Photo: Lost Tulsa