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Inbound Marketing

LyntonWeb Weekly Inbound Digest 12.30.2012

Welcome to the LyntonWeb Weekly Inbound Digest - the fastest way to stay up to date with our latest thinking on a wide range of inbound marketing topics. Our perspectives on inbound marketing and technology this week:

How To Make $1.8 Million With $4,500 of Content Marketing

This is no Christmas miracle, fellow inbound marketing elves. It's the honest to goodness truth. It's a tale of excellent, humorous content that addressed a consumer pain point while going viral. It's the story of a dollar and a dream.

Buyer Personas: An Inbound Marketing Necessity

Are you still marketing to broad demographic groups instead of individuals? If so, it's time upgrade your approach. Generic sales leads come from casting a wide net, which can result in low conversion rates from prospect to lead to customer. Targeted marketing has proven much more efficient, increasing those conversion rates by appealing to potential customers on the basis of who they are and what they care about as individuals. To do that, you must have a working knowledge of what makes your potential customers tick, making buyer personas an inbound marketing necessity.

3 Marketing Lessons From 1913 That Will Still Ring True In 2013

The more things change, the more things stay the same. Today, we have enterprise inbound marketing, social media, CRM integration and a boatload of shiny technologies that help us get our message out. And that's all very good. But as we prepare to flip the page to 2013, let's take a look back 100 years and see what hasn't changed and what has worked in spite of (or alongside) all the fancy technologies we have today.

And in our Friday 5 - content marketing in 2013, SEO myths, and the new social media privacy laws effective in the new year.