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Inbound Marketing

5 Reasons Your Landing Pages Aren't Converting

You’ve done the heavy lifting - you created the content, crafted the call-to-action button, assembled the landing page, and finished the thank you page. But what are you supposed to do if your landing page isn’t converting (many, if any) leads?

Here are 5 reasons your landing page could have low conversion rates and how to fix them.

  1. Long Form: The form is the first thing I like to look at when I see a landing page that is not converting many leads. In most cases, you will want to keep your forms short, making the barrier to converting as low as possible. Your landing pages are all about visitor experience so be sure forms are straight forward and easy to complete.

    Ask yourself, “Would I take the time to fill out all these questions?” If the answer is no, go back and edit the form to be more reasonable in length. If your form is 7 questions or less, your form is probably an appropriate length.

  2. Inconsistency: The second thing I look at with poorly performing landing pages is whether the call-to-action is consistent with the landing page. The two should have the same message. Your call-to-action should not be offering a free checklist for cross-country moving if your landing page is a quote for cross-country moving.

    The best way to ensure you have a consistent message between your Call-to-Action and landing page is to use the same language or keywords. If you talk about a checklist for cross-country moving in the call-to-action, use the same keyword in the landing page. You aren’t trying to trick visitors into coming to your website. You are fulfilling the promise you gave in your call-to-action and therefore giving your visitors a great experience.

  3. Unclear Value: Another crucial element of a high performing landing page is clearly communicating the value of the offer. The content of your landing page should concisely tell website visitors exactly what they are getting, why it will help them, and how to get it.

    Go back and look at your landing page. Have you told visitors the value of your offer? If not, go back and tell them exactly how you can help them and what they can expect from your download.

  4. Clutter: The purpose of your landing page is to get visitors to fill out the form and receive the offer you are providing.

    What can often happen is that as marketers, we get overzealous and put a bunch of stuff on landing pages in hopes that if they don’t want our primary offer, they may want a secondary offer. Unfortunately, all we are doing is confusing our visitors and distracting them from filling out that form and receiving content they initially had interest in.

    Your landing page should not be full of clutter. It needs to have what the offer is, what the value of the offer is, and how to receive the offer. That’s it. The thank you page or email is your opportunity to present other information or offers.

    Looking at your landing page, do you see any content unrelated to the actual offer? If so, remove the clutter. Streamline your landing page and make it fool proof.

  5. Irrelevant Offer: The last reason your landing page is not converting many leads could be the actual offer. Is this something your customer persona is actually interested in? It also could be the format that the content is in. Don’t trash your content; repurpose it into another format and try again.

 I always like to think of marketing as an experiment where you can edit aspects to see what produces the better results. Keep that mentality in mind with your landing pages instead of getting discouraged. Your high converting landing page is only a few changes away.