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Inbound Marketing

Is Your Content Like Pepsodent?

Content Like PepsodentWhat? My content needs to brush teeth, too? What else are these enterprise inbound marketing people going to want me to do, you're probably thinking.

Allow me to explain. 

Do you know the story of Pepsodent? The marketing story of Pepsodent? It's a classic.

Before Pepsodent came along, most Americans didn't brush their teeth. I'm a little unclear how we actually made it through this national phase of halitosis, but suffice to say - we did.

When successful ad exec, Claude Hopkins, set out to market Pepsodent toothpaste, he knew he had to find a way to get people to brush their teeth. He did this by creating a habit for them.

When Hopkins signed on to promote Pepsodent, he realized he needed to find a trigger for its daily use. He sat down with a pile of dental textbooks. “It was dry reading,” he later wrote in his autobiography. “But in the middle of one book I found a reference to the mucin plaques on teeth, which I afterward called ‘the film.’

Claude Hopkins created a habit for people by getting them to check their teeth for film and then get rid of that film by brushing their teeth. Very simple yet highly effective. Here's why -

First, find a simple and obvious cue. Second, clearly define the rewards.

In this case the cue is feeling the film and the reward is clean teeth without film that you can be proud of.

Interestingly, Later research showed the actual craving Hopkins created was the tingling sensation caused by the toothpaste and not the removal of the plaque film from teeth.

So, content marketing nation - how is your content like Pepsodent? How is it habit forming? What keeps people coming back to your content? Is it unique, thoughtful and opinionated? Or are you regurgitating the same whitepaper everyone else is? Are you truly offering content that is fanciful and elegant or are you creating content for content's (and Google's) sake.

Want an example of content like Pepsodent? Look no further than Woot. I'm drawn to Woot to read their quirky, creative product descriptions and then find myself purchasing these value priced products. Through it's unique content, Woot is triggering visitors to come back for more creative content and to eventually buy the deeply discounted products the content describes. It's the perfect example of habit forming content.


Photo Credit: Kaptain Kobold via Compfight cc