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Inbound Marketing

Our Go-To Inbound Marketing Checklist

Recently in the LyntonWeb office, there have been a lot of discussions about checklists and how they help make us more efficient and effective. As a team, we’ve been reading the book, “Checklist Manifesto,” which discusses in depth the use of checklists across industries.

The concept of checklists is that by writing out procedures or necessary aspects of a project, you can eliminate small errors and even avoid large disasters. I’ve found that especially with simple or straightforward tasks, it can become easy to take shortcuts or skip steps. Checklists eliminate this urge, helping us to be more accurate. Checklists can also create consistency across a department or organization.

Mistakes like forgetting to insert a Call-to-Action, not optimizing a URL, or writing content unrelated to your service or product offerings really add up when it comes to the overall effectiveness and success of your inbound marketing. And no matter how well versed you are in inbound marketing and SEO best practices, it is easy to forget steps. So after seeing mistakes and skipped steps across industries’ marketing efforts, I decided it’s time for a checklist. Not to mention, I personally LOVE them. Come on, who doesn’t feel better when crossing things off a list?

Whether you are an inbound marketing and SEO beginner or master, you can use this checklist when making new blog posts, web pages, landing pages, thank you pages, or any sort of content that lives on the web.

This Inbound Marketing Checklist includes steps for an initial marketing program setup and the essential steps in your daily inbound marketing work. Checklist items include:
  • Buyer Personas
  • Keywords
  • Links
  • Calls-to-Action
  • Social Sharing

Download your free copy of the Inbound Marketing Checklist today.

Photo Credit: MultiplyLeadership via Compfight cc