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Inbound Marketing

Ship Your Pants - With a Little Inbound Marketing

Kmart's latest marketing video has gone viral. The video features a humorous (some might say sophomoric) play on the word 'ship' while highlighting the millions of products Kmart has available online that can be shipped for free. Take a look: 



Although your business offering may not lend itself to something as humorous as the video above, it's important to remember the value of video in your inbound marketing mix. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video may be worth a million. Video's are a powerful way to highlight your brand whether they are explainer videos or interviews with your CEO.

The Kmart video works on a number of different levels:

  • It's Funny - sometimes a little low brow humor just helps you forget about life for awhile. If the Kmart brand can flip the laughing switch in your brain - that's not at all bad.
  • It Speaks to Kmart's Demographics - highlighting parents, kids, and grandparents all shipping their pants (and drawers) underscores the breadth of Kmart's products. 
  • It Earned Media - Time, Huffington Post, and USA Today all ran articles about Kmart's Ship Your Pants ad.
  • It was Shared - a lot. I first saw the video in my Facebook feed, and after watching it 3 times and almost shipping my own pants, I shared it with my friends. The video has almost 16 million views on YouTube. 
There have been critics - mostly focusing on the low level humor employed in the video. The Ship My Pants video also doesn't seem to be part of any broader marketing campaign or theme like the Geico Happy Than... videos, for example. So it remains to be seen whether Kmart has broader plans for this theme. 
Clearly, it's important to include video in your inbound marketing tool kit. Think about how video can best meet your lead generation and traffic goals. If if you need some help just let us know