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Website Design

Designing a Website Built for Leads

You’ve been working your tail off using the best marketing tools and techniques HubSpot has to offer. Emails, PPC, blogging - you have it all down, but your website still isn't converting your visitors to leads. It’s time for your website to start working for you. It's time for your website to become your virtual sales engine.

The single most important element to having more visitors convert to leads on your website is what you say and the way you say it. You must have a content strategy. And the starting point from which to build this strategy is answering the three questions below from your existing customers' perspectives:

How can you help me?

Potential customers can find your website in many ways. They may come from organic search, email marketing, referrals, a TV commercial, or a variety of other sources. Regardless of where your visitors come from, they need to know what you can do to help them the moment they land on your website. Think of your website as your company's virtual elevator speech. 

What can I do here?

Potential customers can likely do a number of things on your website. They can download a whitepaper, read an ebook, view your previous work, or read your blog. Don't put obstacles in the way of these valuable actions. Industry jargon, too many clicks, cluttered design - these are all mistakes that convolute a potential customer's understanding of what they can do on your site. Keep your message clear. Use terminology that is easy to understand and organize your website in a way that makes sense to potential customers, not to people within your organization who are intimately familiar with your products and services.

Why should I do it?

Potential customers need a reason. They need to know how you are going to make their lives better. That is the only reason they are going to download your whitepaper or request a quote. As soon as potential customers don’t find value in your site, they leave. Give them an incentive. Paint them a picture showing how you will improve their life and solve their business problems.

A visitor will only convert to a lead if they have found sufficient answers to these questions. Develop a content strategy focused on your existing customers that will help you design a website built for leads.