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Website Design

Talk To Your Team: Getting Stakeholder Buy-In For Your Website

Have you read Jason's e-book yet? It's super fantastic and contains so many excellent website planning nuggets - take a look when you have a moment. 

Today, we'll discuss a portion of Jason's e-book - talking to your team about your website. Your team is everything when it comes to planning and building a successful website. There are a number of items to consider when speaking with your team during your website planning process:

  • How do we define success? At the end of the website project, how will we know if we did it right? What metrics will we use to measure a successful website redesign 30, 60, 90 days or even a year out? Get team agreement and documentation on this - the last thing you want is for your team to be in disagreement on what success means.
  • Understand your ideal customer - everyone on your website team must understand your customer and the buyer personas you are building your website to attract. Throughout website planning and development, your team will be able to answer critical website functionality and design questions by understanding how the ideal customer benefits from the suggested functionality or design.
  • Understand your company - every member of your team, from the intern to the 20 year manager, will need to understand the planning and build-out of your website within the context of your company. Think of Apple as an example. Apple's essence is amazing and extremely useful design. If Apple's website was cluttered and busy, it wouldn't align with that essence. Make sure everyone on your team views your website as a reflection of your company. 
Good stuff, yes? Well you can get more of Jason's wholesome goodness by downloading his e-book. Or you know, just call him. He is a veritable fountain of website information. 
How To Plan A Website That Works
Photo Credit: kevin dooley via Compfight cc