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Inbound Marketing

The Friday Five: Gmail, Marketing Technologists, Facebook Profit, RSS and SEO

July is almost over? Already? Where is Summer 2013 going? Welcome to the last Friday Five in July — Five Headlines from Social Media, Inbound Marketing, SEO, and Web Design, our weekly roundup for ideas and news that you can use. Here’s some hot tips and news:

The New Gmail Inbox: How It Works and Why Email Marketers Should Pay Attention

(HubSpot) With the new Gmail feature, the email control goes right back where it belongs -- in the arms of your leads and customers. With only a little up-front work, they can start engaging with the emails that matter to them.

If you're doing lovable email marketing, that’s great news for you. When people choose to go to a certain tab, they're already open to receiving your message. They are actively seeking that type of message out instead of wading through a billion irrelevant messages in the general inbox. Plus, you’re not trying to compete for attention with emails from your subscriber’s best friends, family, and social networks.

Adding ‘Technologist’ To Your Marketing Resume [Infographic]

(RackSpace) According to Forrester Research, 40 percent of marketing leaders rank technology as the No. 1 area for improvement in their departments. So there’s widespread concern that marketing doesn’t yet have the skillset to take over such a large slice of the technology budget.

So how does a savvy marketer genuinely earn the title of marketing technologist under the skills heading of their resume?

After Google Reader’s Demise, Does RSS Matter to Your Business?

(Business 2 Community) Should businesses follow Google’s lead and turn to other methods to push out content? Or should RSS stick around for the time being? RSS may be mature by internet standards, but experts disagree on whether or not it’s worth keeping and few businesses want to be first to tell their audience, “No.”

Facebook stock soars as profit boosted by mobile ads

(Associated Press) Facebook's revenue grew 53 percent to $1.81 billion from $1.18 billion, well above the $1.62 million that analysts polled by FactSet were expecting. Facebook has also quickened the pace of its revenue growth. In the first quarter, revenue grew 38 per cent and in the fourth quarter of last year, 40 per cent.

Mobile revenue was $655.6 million, or 41 per cent of the quarter's total advertising revenue of $1.6 billion.

SEO is dead. Long live social media optimisation

(Guardian) A better model for today's businesses is to consider what it means to be social-media optimised, with a focus on customer-centric interaction rather than merely setting up a web property in the hope that Google will deliver hits. Recommendations from friends count for more than a search engine algorithm will ever achieve.


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