Dean & Draper Responsive Website

Case Study

Dean & Draper’s Modernized Website Redesign Maintains Domain Authority


  • Website redesign
  • Updated, user-friendly navigation
  • Persona-driven, responsive design
  • Development on the HubSpot website platform
  • Content insertion and launch on the HubSpot platform

Services Provided

  • Website Design
  • Creative Services

The Problem

After updating their colors and logo, Dean & Draper needed to modernize their website - aiming for a more full-width experience, with bright imagery and a fresh update to their templates. Proud of the trust they’ve built with their audience, Dean & Draper hoped to retain their historical SEO and domain authority while giving the site a crisp redesign. Some issues they wanted to address in the redesign:

  • Bounce rate caused by clunky navigation
  • Templates that needed a content refresh
  • A new service offer risk management services they wanted to promote on the site
  • A better way to promote their blog on social media
  • Improved tools for landing pages and call to actions

The Solution

Lynton approached the Dean & Draper project as a “fresh take,” starting from scratch to ensure nothing was missed. By re-acquainting with their audience and objectives, Lynton architected templates to work with existing and planned content. After defining the content strategy and user experiences, our designers applied new styles with Dean & Draper’s updated logo, colors, and brand standards in mind.

Dean & Draper also wanted guidance on new features within HubSpot the company could use. Lynton re-developed their HubSpot templates on newer design manager tools, populated their content, and re-released everything using HubSpot’s content staging tools. Learning the new tools offered by HubSpot helped Dean & Draper evaluate how to target their existing personas with the website’s new look and feel. We introduced some location-specific landing pages to bolster their SEO as well.

Dean & Draper’s website serves as a hub for their prospects and customers. The company drives leads with regular blog content, landing pages, and other digital marketing efforts tied to the site. A revitalized website will attract more leads and help their nurturing processes.

Dean & Draper is a long time client of Lynton and it’s been awhile since they've updated their site. They were in need of a new website that was not only responsive but easy to navigate and showcased their services and offerings. In the end, I think we have a modern, clean site that stays true to their brand and speaks directly to their intended personas.”

Rob Walz
Senior Designer