Grower's Responsive Website Redesign

Case Study

Grower’s Secret Blossoms with Website Overhaul


  • Website design, development, and implementation
  • Site architecture for 490 web pages
  • Enhanced, easy-to-follow navigation
  • Streamlined resources center
  • Exceptionally simple and clean

Services Provided

  • Website Design

The Problem

Grower’s Secret had steadily evolved over the last several years, but its website had not kept up with the multiple changes. Some of the existing site issues included:

  • Old, outdated feel
  • Overly technical
  • Certifications and products difficult to find
  • Confusing and even misleading on who uses products, when and why
  • Not smartphone-friendly
  • Serving as a lead-driving engine rather than reference point for existing relationships
  • Geared toward distributors, although the company was moving toward direct sales with farmers

Grower’s Secret has been a longtime client of Lynton, making working together a natural choice for the website redesign.

The Solution

No longer focused solely on distributors, Grower’s Secret wanted to revamp its site to appeal to farmers. The company envisioned the new site as a generous resources center, with more streamlined, straightforward navigation and less overall confusion.

Clean product pages were another element essential to success, with the existing site making it difficult to even find the products for sale.

Grower’s Secret collaborated with Lynton on ideas concerning what content to include per page, and Lynton got busy generating templates with the company’s branding applied. Since the existing site and new site were both on the HubSpot platform, Lynton was able to use an existing template to streamline template development. We were also able to make iterations to the revised template, speeding up the process even further.

The finished result aligns with Grower’s Secret original vision: an easy-to-use, resource center stocked with content useful to agricultural professionals. Grower’s Secret aims to use the new website within its marketing efforts as a reference point, both in the sales and account management arenas. The simplified content, clean feel, and user-friendly navigation ensure the site is a useful tool for building and growing relationships with farmers.