mockup of miller zell web redesign

Case Study

Function First — Website Redesign Improves UX for Miller Zell


  • User-friendly navigation
  • Responsive design
  • Development, training, and launch on HubSpot
  • Animated gifs
  • Custom timeline and templates
  • Embedded Java files

Services Provided

  • Website Design
  • Creative Services

The Problem

Miller Zell, a retail experience solutions company, always had an aesthetically attractive website. But after traffic analytics revealed high bounce rates for several of their pages, they realized looks could be deceiving. While visually appealing, their video headers slowed their site speed. Their navigation was overly complicated. And, most importantly, they discovered their content was difficult to find, muddying their visitors’ buyer journeys. Knowing all this, they turned to Lynton in October 2018 to help refresh their site to be both well-designed and lead generating.

The Solution

Before embarking on a website redesign project, Miller Zell went through branding changes at the company making them well-prepared with updated style guidelines. Throughout our early meetings, the team at Miller Zell was prepared, providing wireframes and their brand book that established a clear vision of what they wanted. They knew they wanted a site that was easy to navigate and showcased the great work they’ve given their own clients. Because of this, our designers were able to work seamlessly with their team. With their previous site, Miller Zell also noted their current clients were not aware of the full scope of offerings they could provide on top of their existing services. Eager to get their new website with updated colors and styles, Miller Zell’s team offered fast and responsive feedback during every stage. After confirming their designs, our team built custom HubSpot themes to match the look and feel of their approved wireframes. We created every layout in HubSpot’s COS, making it easy to reuse templates for other pages as their site evolves (something necessary, as Miller Zell intends to build out their gated content and landing pages to reflect every stage of their customer journey). Overall, we delivered 15 unique templates. We also populated the content for every site page, including buttons, images, forms, and custom animated GIFs. Proud of their sustainability efforts, Miller Zell wanted a unique way to highlight their initiatives on their new site. Working with our experienced web developer, we were able to embed JavaScript to build a live report of their “Solar Performance.” The best part? It updates in real-time so they never have to update this data manually. Once the site was built, our team tested it for quality assurance, double-checking for errors, and compatibility with the latest versions of web browsers. Then, we trained the appropriate team members at Miller Zell on the HubSpot functionality they needed to know. Miller Zell’s site is now live and the team is equipped to continue adding to it to enhance its online visitors’ experience.

“The redesign goal for MillerZell was not only to visually update their site, but to also simplify their navigation and provide relevant content for their target audience. For this project the client was engaged from start to finish and provided a clear, concise vision which in turn made the design process easier.”

Joyce Walz 
Web Designer