Roku Responsive Website

Case Study

Great Website Design Helps Roku Clients Understand Their Advertising Service Offerings


  • Seamless, user-friendly navigation
  • Persona-driven responsive design
  • Complete development on HubSpot website platform
  • Content insertion and website launch on HubSpot platform
  • Easy modules to add resources and offers

Services Provided

  • Website Design

The Problem

Roku is well-known for its streaming devices that allow customers to stream content from multiple platforms on multiple devices. Despite having an excellent reputation in the industry, their clients don’t tend to understand everything Roku offers, specifically Roku advertising. The Roku Advertising arm builds relationships with companies to sponsor content - giving companies a broad reach across a vast and engaged demographic. As more people cut the cord on cable, this is a substantial offering for advertisers. Lacking a dedicated presence to showcase Roku advertising, the company sought out Lynton’s help. The goals? To address common questions advertisers having when trying to engage with Roku for placements as well as drawing in various prospects. The solution? An elegant and user-friendly site filled with relevant and helpful content that matched the look and feel of

The Solution

Because we built their new site from the bottom up, dedicated research on competitors in the advertising space was critical for content and design inspiration. We defined a sitemap and list of pages needed, followed by wireframes to further identify what templates were necessary. To safeguard their brand style, Roku heavily helped establish the design. This helped propel the template process forward.

Customization- We added custom modules to make it easy for Roku to add resources and offers side by side in various grids featured throughout the site. All their base models were styled, including blog templates — the current microsite houses important information to educate consumers on Roku advertising, including case studies easily sorted by KPI and client type. In the future, Roku plans to build the microsite further to drive more leads through in-depth blog content. Lynton provided the tools necessary for Roku to grow their site as needed.

Roku is a well known, established brand that was in need of a site that would showcase their advertising solutions and capabilities. We wanted to make sure that the site we created merged seamlessly with their other branding efforts but we also had to make sure that it was capable of reaching the goals they had set. I think we did just that and in the end, everyone was happy.”

Rob Walz
Senior Designer