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Chrome River Technologies Content Marketing Features Increased Blogging and Advanced Content Offers


  • Developed comprehensive buyer personas based on the client’s targeted audience
  • Constructed a content map tying together the persona’s sales cycle behaviors with the appropriate form of content (Blog, E-Book, Whitepaper, etc.)
  • Conducted thorough keyword research and categorized them by each stage of the sales funnel to better optimize content created for each stage
  • Developed a list of recommended keywords that would allow the client to find and engage with their audience via social media channels
  • Established an editorial process to include a comprehensive content calendar
  • Increased the number of blog posts from once per week to 4 times per week
  • Executed quarterly campaigns with automated workflows focused on newly created advanced content (whitepapers)

The Problem

Looking for an aggressive inbound marketing strategy Chrome River Technologies approached Lynton to develop and execute an aggressive plan centered on increasing website traffic and inbound leads.

The Solution

In assessing Chrome River’s website it was determined that infrequent and sporadic blogging as well as a limited amount of advanced content offered little incentive for potential clients to visit their site. In addressing this Lynton recommended a robust content marketing program built on increased blogging frequency and additional advanced content offerings.