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Dawson Academy Website Redesign Focused on Making their Content Helpful


  • Clear and concise content
  • Communicated value
  • Called the visitor to take action

The Problem

While The Dawson Academy was already applying the inbound methodology for a few years, they recently found themselves without a marketing manager to keep it up. In this specific instance, The Academy needed to utilize their thought leadership content to convert visitors into qualified leads while keeping their customers happy and connected. The tricky part of it all was that the same content and lead nurturing campaign had to speak to both dentists looking for continuing education courses and dentists that were currently taking or previously attended courses

The Solution

As a part of our marketing services, we created the content for:

  • A landing page
  • A thank you page
  • A lead nurturing campaign

For each of these elements, we made sure to focus on the great content they had and the dentistry discussed in it.

In other words, our focus was to make the content helpful; to make it inbound.