Wicker Park Responsive Website Redesign

Case Study

Website Redesign Gives Orthodontics Group Big Smile


  • Fully redesigned website on the WordPress platform
  • Implementation of client ideas around website style and features
  • Site architecture for 15 website pages
  • Collaboration on templates and branding-focused design
  • New social media feed to the homepage

Services Provided

  • Website Design

The Problem

Wicker Park Orthodontics consistently improves other people’s appearances, and it had no qualms about tackling its own. The company overhauled its branding, renovated its offices and redesigned its website all at the same time - talk about a lot of change at once!

Existing website issues included:

  • An outdated, non-responsive design that rendered poorly on mobile devices
  • A difficult to update website
  • Existing branding that was not reflective of the new design and feel of company
  • Pages that were not geared to Wicker Park's target clientele
  • Lack of social media presence

The Solution

A Website to Smile About
With the goal of bringing new patients to their office, Wicker Park Orthodontics needed a fun, modern, and mobile-friendly website that appealed to their main demographic: middle to upper-class moms with young children and teenagers. 

Wicker Park Orthodontics had a marketing maven on hand, and she brought multiple ideas to the site’s architecture, style, and features. Wicker Park collaborated with Lynton on the website templates, design, and even contributed to building the site's content after introductory WordPress training.

The site's design was ultimately inspired not only by their new branding but the neighborhood of Wicker Park, Chicago - an area known for its art community, good eats and creative culture. The overall need to revamp the offices, update the branding, and redesign the website were all aligned to appeal to Wicker Park's demographic - moms with preteen and teen children.

The redesigned site boasts an updated style that reflects the company’s new look and feel, along with a juicer.io feed to pull in social media on the homepage. In addition to serving as a solid foundation on which to further build its brand, the website features valuable information on orthodontic solutions, dentist bios, finance plans, and what to expect on your first visit. 

We wanted the design to reflect the energy of the Wicker Park community, to create something fun and young with an emphasis on increasing their social media presence. At the heart is a site that was based off Inbound Marketing principles. It not only had to look good, but it had to work, too. It’s a site going forward that should serve them and their community well, one that can adapt and improve with future needs as they arise.”

Rob Walz
Senior Designer