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Marketing Evolution Reaches the Right Audience with New Website


The Client

Marketing Evolution provides solutions to companies who want to measure and optimize their media spend online and offline. Before partnering with us, the organization felt that many of their online visitors didn’t fully understand what they did or what they provided.

They wanted to get the right message in front of the right people at the right time. When they reached out to us in December 2018 to discuss a complete website overhaul, we were eager to help.

Marketing Evolution Homepage


The Need for a New Website Design

By January 2019, both our team and Marketing Evolution’s knew we needed to work together to create a functional website with a stunning design, excellent user experience, with search engine optimization (SEO), and inbound marketing opportunities-built in.

Marketing Evolution Resources Header

We asked them to outline the challenges they faced with their current design and what they hoped to achieve with an updated look and functionality. We also discussed their buyer personas, and described the fundamental principles that would help make their redesigned site more successful:

  • Designing a site with a frictionless user experience
  • Positioning the site to match how users interact with search engines
  • Driving leads with content that appeals to personas

With a deeper understanding of their business, we began our full website redesign process:

  • Defining a keyword strategy, including title and meta tags
  • Building a sitemap to uncover, then fill any content gaps
  • Creating wireframes to guide the design process
  • Working through edits to achieve a functional, beautiful design
  • Writing content to appeal to buyer personas at every stage of the customer journey

Our team then spent time testing the site, looking for any bugs and errors that could negatively affect a visitor’s experience. Once completed, we launched in June 2019.

The new site features:

  • Hero images featuring unique graphics
  • New detail pages for solutions that include clean design, custom icons, and CTAs
  • Better segmentation for content and forms across the entire site
  • Separate areas for their blog and their premium resources
  • More targeted awareness, consideration and decision forms for better conversion
  • On-page SEO and keyword strategies built-in title tags, meta descriptions, and targeted keywords for each page
  • Updated content across the entire site that appeals better to buyer personas
  • More persuasive and educational copy
  • Fewer options in their navigation bar to help reduce user friction
  • In-page navigation so users can jump to the content they want quicker
  • Thoughtful use of white space to contrast with Marketing Evolution’s brand colors
  • Custom-made icons and graphics placed throughout the homepage and other site pages
  • Enhanced mobile-friendly site for visitors accessing the website on their phones

The Results

The new design, along with the accompanying strategy, has generated good results for Marketing Evolution. Their users have positively noted the updated appearance of their site.

Marketing Evolution Results- Form Submissions

Marketing Evolution Results- Page Views