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Microsite Design Encourages Users to Learn More About Beam Insights


The Client

Beam Insights, powered by nonprofit consultant Campbell & Company, is a fundraising software that helps nonprofits transform the way they raise money. Built by fundraisers, the software sets itself apart from competitors by allowing for real-time fundraising insights to better plan, understand donor capacity, and track progress.  With the software, nonprofit leaders can spend more time making valuable donor connections and less time fishing through data. 

Beam Insights New Homepage

Campbell & Company was already a long-time partner of ours, so they knew who to come to when they needed a microsite built to advertise Beam Insights. 

The Need for a New Website

Beam Insights was a new product for Campbell & Company, and they had no web presence to connect with prospects. They recognized the best method to reach their potential donors was through a microsite to showcase the software, generate leads, schedule demos, and offer a place for users to sign up.

Beam Insights Tab Feature

The team determined the design needed to be unique, but connected to their parent company to benefit from Campbell & Company’s brand recognition. Positioning themselves as the only nonprofit consulting agency with a niche technology product was important to them from the beginning.  

Beam Insights


The Results

Because of our previous working relationship, we were able to get up and running with Beam Insights’ project quickly. We knew what their internal team wanted, including stronger navigation, striking fonts and colors, and an overall consistent user-interface. With that in mind, our teams worked together to build a microsite entirely from scratch. Deliverables we provided: 

  • Guidance on SEO, user experience, and inbound marketing best practices to drive site mapping and design 
  • Six wireframes to determine the architecture of individual site pages (with edits)
  • Six mockup designs to present the look and feel of each page (with revisions)
  • Six developed and mobile-responsive templates after wireframes and designs were approved

After going through our standard user-acceptance testing to ensure that their microsite not only looked great but functioned properly, we launched their project with features like: 

  • Custom graphics using their brand colors 
  • Animations and gifs on the homepage and internal pages
  • Purposeful white space to emphasize content and graphics
  • Smooth content flow so users can find information easily 
  • Eye-catching CTAs and comparison charts to intrigue users 
  • Tabbed features to highlight how the software works 
  • Similar branding to Campbell & Company but an overall distinctive look

Ultimately, the most important result from this project was a straightforward microsite that shows precisely what Beam Insights’s product does in a concise, easy to understand fashion. The navigation is simple, the content is punchy, and there are multiple CTAs driving users to request a demo. The microsite matches their parent company, while still standing on its own two feet. 

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