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New Design Streamlines Inova Payroll’s UX


The Client

Inova Payroll provides payroll and HR solutions to small and mid-sized businesses to help them maximize their efficiency and improve the overall employee experience. Inova Payroll has been working with us since 2017 on inbound marketing strategies like blogging, graphic design, and email campaigns. Throughout our partnership, they've seen success with the various marketing tactics we recommend as a part of their overall marketing strategy. 

The Need for New Designs

In late 2019, after noticing a lull in website conversions, Inova determined that their strategy of targeting a large array of company sizes hindered their ability to provide targeted information to help users understand the most relevant products and solutions. So, they decided to combine their many “Solution” pages into two main categories, 1-50 Employees and 51-1000+ Employees.  As noted, Inova previously divided their solution pages into much smaller categories, like 41-100+ employees, that featured minimal information on how and why their specific products could help. To successfully transition to targeting these small-to-mid-sized company tiers, Inova needed new solutions pages for each, so they reached out to us to discuss creating designs. Inova believed that by focusing on two company sizes rather than several they would be able to drive more qualified users to contact them, as well as:

  • Increase overall leads
  • Remove barriers to conversion
  • Make website easier to navigate 
  • Provide more content through product-specific information

After sitting down with Inova to get more details on who would be visiting these pages and what solutions they would need, our team worked through wireframes and design feedback. Once everything was approve, we launched two new solution pages in that included features such as:

Inova Payroll 1-50 Employees Homepage

1-50 Employees

  • Hero image with custom graphics 
  • CTAs with a pop of color
  • Simple internal page navigation
  • Images showcasing the software
  • Engaging use of whitespace to emphasize content

Inova Payroll 51-1000+ Employees Homepage

51-1000+ Employees

  • Hero image with custom graphics
  • Copy that targets mid-sized employers 
  • Custom icons to highlight the Inova process
  • Images showcasing the software 
  • Hover-over effects on CTAs 
  • Testimonials with custom icons 
  • Minimalist design with whitespace for emphasis 

Inova Payroll Process


Innova Payroll Testimonial

The Results

By narrowing their solutions, Inova’s potential customers get a personalized experience when visiting their website. Our minimalist design provides the tailored information they need to learn about solutions built specifically for them, as well as multiple ways to contact them.