3 Tips to Guide Choosing Your HubSpot Onboarding Partner

02/23/2023 4 min read Written by Corie Stark

Any company looking to get the most out of their investment in HubSpot can benefit from professional onboarding — or guided implementation done with a partner. But with so many potential partners out there, how do you find one that will align well with your company? At Lynton, we get asked this question often. So we’ve compiled our top three tips to help companies like yours make a strategic decision. 

Research Your HubSpot Onboarding Partner Options

You have multiple options when it comes to an onboarding partner. For example, your team can work directly with HubSpot or opt for one of their many agency partners. However, before you select one right out of the gate, do your homework on each. Use multiple sources to verify their proficiency. If you’re not sure what that looks like, try:

  • Checking out their agency page for any reviews related to onboarding or HubSpot implementation
  • Exploring their HubSpot onboarding service page on their website, if they have one
  • Reading their blog and looking for articles specifically on onboarding or HubSpot tools
  • Looking for case studies, testimonials, quotes, or anything related throughout their website
  • Downloading any premium marketing content or free sales collateral that highlights their expertise and process
  • Searching the HubSpot community for any additional information provided by your prospective partner

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Remember Your HubSpot Implementation Timeline 

Do you need to get up and running quickly with HubSpot? Can you take it slow, or is your timeline somewhere in between these two? No matter your answer, it can impact your choice of partner. If you’re wondering why, there are several factors, and they all relate to what you hope to accomplish with your implementation. For instance, your business could be brand new and just dipping your toes into different technologies. If this is the case, you may need a partner experienced in not just HubSpot but inbound sales and marketing strategies.

Similarly, you could be an established company with outlined processes looking to use only a few tools in Sales Hub. You may be able to cut some corners in this scenario and speed up your project. Many implementations or HubSpot onboarding projects involve migrating from one system to another, which could require some custom development work and additional training. All of this affects how long your onboarding will take — especially if the partner you’re eyeing doesn’t have all the capabilities you need!

If you’re looking to onboard for marketing and sales with some custom configurations, below is an example timeline of what your project could look like.

Screen Shot 2023-02-23 at 8.29.42 AM
Keep Your HubSpot Onboarding Goals In Mind

Purchasing any HubSpot software is a huge decision, and your company likely did it with specific goals in mind. Or, as alluded to earlier, you may not know precisely what you want to get out of it. Fortunately, there is an onboarding experience for you. You can work with HubSpot or any partner directly for basic training on the tool. There’s not much hands-off implementation involved, and your business will likely have to finish certain tasks on time to move onto the next step. If that works for you, great!

If you need something more strategic, there’s also a partner for you. Take our offering at Lynton, for example. We collaborate with your team right from the first meeting to determine how to configure your new HubSpot tool for your unique business model. We spend time learning about your business, asking questions like:

  • How do you generate leads? 
  • What are the milestones in your sales processes? 
  • What happens after a deal closes?

We can tailor the questions based on the challenges you bring to us, or we can guide you every step of the way with knowledgeable tips. Whatever the situation, we build your onboarding plan on your goals. That way, we can build out your implementation plan appropriately and train your team on that strategy as well as HubSpot itself.

Choose Lynton as Your HubSpot Onboarding Partner 

No matter what HubSpot tool you’ve bought and the requirements you have, professional onboarding is recommended. Hopefully, these tips will help you in your journey to find an experienced partner. For any additional advice, we’d be happy to chat. Just reach out here.

By: Corie Stark

After spending many years as a sports journalist, Corie switched to marketing in 2013. Her love of writing, talking to people, and keeping up with the industry enables her to use her skills for anything from social media to long-form blogging. Outside of work, she enjoys hiking with her dogs and making her cats chase the ever elusive red dot.

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