4 Plastic Surgery Instagram Accounts That Are Getting the Patient Experience Right

10/19/2017 3 min read Written by Jenny Traster

Are you making the most of Instagram for your plastic surgery practice? If not, it’s time to take out the camera and start snapping and sharing. 

Instagram is an essential part of your plastic surgery social media strategy because it is highly visual, it’s popular across all user demographics, and it’s a mobile-first channel that encourages users to interact.

How To Get More Patients With Your Plastic Surgery Instagram Account

These characteristics of Instagram make it an ideal platform for engaging with and attracting new patients to your plastic surgery practice. But if you’re still not sure how to do it, take your cue from these practices that are crushing it on Instagram.

Dr. Simon Ourian

Dr. Ourian’s Instagram feed features before-and-after pictures, inspirational quotes, pictures of staff, and educational information about topics like cellulite and safe injections.

What He’s Doing Right: Dr. Ourian’s practice posts a variety of visual content designed both to showcase his work and to connect with patients. High quality photos give followers a feel for what they can expect.

The Takeaway: Don’t post just one type of image. Vary your content so that followers can get to know your practice and feel confident in both your skill and your patient care.

Dr. Ashkan Ghavami

Dr. Ghavami specializes in rhinoplasties and breast augmentations. His practice is known for high quality of work and excellent recovery times.

What He’s Doing Right: Dr. Ghavami posts almost daily on Instagram and Snapchat, showcasing the work he’s done in photos and videos. His followers also see the occasional photo of a staff member outside of work enjoying the beautiful California landscape.

The Takeaway: Videos should play a significant part of your plastic surgery social media strategy. Use them to build rapport with followers, explain a procedure, or talk about lesser-known aspects of your practice.

Nurse Jamie

Nurse Jamie specializes in skin solutions and is well-known among LA celebrities. She has also developed a facial toning device patients can use at home, and she showcases it being used by some of her famous patients.

What She’s Doing Right: Nurse Jamie encourages followers to interact with her across multiple social media accounts by sharing Facebook giveaways and Snapchat images on her Instagram page. She also effectively uses hashtags to promote visibility and posts a wide variety of content including videos, inspirational quotes, behind-the-scenes pictures, and before/after pics.

The Takeaway: Share content across several social media channels to get the most distance out of each post. Give followers plenty of ways to interact with you and make your channel fun as well as educational. And don’t underestimate the value of hashtags when used properly.

Dr. Ellen Marmur

Dr. Marmur’s practice is based in New York and has been featured in magazines like Real Simple and Vogue. She frequently shares tips for followers on how to for your skin and how to get the most out of every procedure.

What She’s Doing Right: Dr. Marmur has built a thriving community of followers using video, health tips, staff photos, and procedure overviews. She even occasionally posts a picture of her dog or a favorite hobby.

The Takeaway: Casual pictures of personal interests help showcase the human side of your practice and staff members. Educational content like health tips and video explanations give followers a reason to keep coming back, even if they’re not ready to commit to a procedure.

Drive Patient Engagement With Plastic Surgery Social Media

How about you? How are you using Instagram as part of your plastic surgery social media strategy? Let us know in the comments! If you need additional ideas or help getting started, set up your free consultation with one of our healthcare marketing consultants today!

By: Jenny Traster

With a love of HubSpot dating back to 2010, Jenny works with clients to put the pieces of the inbound marketing puzzle together, from content marketing and social media management to demand generation and lead nurturing. When she’s not digging through data or reading the latest in social media trends, you’re most likely to find her traveling, practicing yoga or hiking with her dogs in the great outdoors.

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