7 Reasons We Are Thankful To Be Inbound Marketers

11/27/2013 2 min read Written by Lynton

thankful to be inbound marketersWe are thankful for a lot here at LyntonWeb. Family, friends, good beer, football, and the list goes on. We are also thankful for our jobs, because we actually like what we do. So we thought we would give you a few reasons why some of us here at the LyntonWeb corral are thankful to be inbound marketers:

1. "I'm thankful we don't have to do cold calls." -Bridget, Engagement Strategist

With her qualified leads and excellent people skills, she would never have to! Rock on, Bridget. Rock on.

2. "I'm thankful for data and tracking. No more guesswork on what works and what doesn't." -Samantha, Project Manager

With her organizational skills, Samantha helps our clients stay on top of their goals and is always on top of what is and isn't working.  For that, we thank you Sam.

3. "I'm thankful to be an inbound marketer because I get to make ridiculous videos and fun eBooks." -Jennifer Sanchez, Marketing Coordinator


4. "I'm thankful for inbound marketing because it doesn't interrupt people." -Roman Kniahynyckyj, Marketing Manager

Roman brings people to us, he educates them with his hilarious blogs and weekly Friday Five's. Nicole, our Integrations Project Manager, is thankful for this as well. Who isn't!?

5. "I'm thankful to be an Inbound Developer because I get to help great websites get found and make the web a better place." -Brad Decker, Lead Developer

I'm also thankful for Brad, because he is very smart and knows a lot of fancy acronyms. And does things for our clients that I don't understand. Thank you Brad, thank you.

6. "I'm thankful for inbound marketing because we are are spreading the word of good content." -Mike Rastiello, Support Manager

And content that actually helps people. Content people like reading. And isn't crappy. You're welcome.

7. "I'm thankful I get challenged to solve client needs with my creativity. Which means I get paid to do what I love. It makes my job feel less like work and = a turkey on the table." -Rob Walz, Web Designer

I couldn't have said it better myself.

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us here at LyntonWeb.

By: Lynton

Lynton is a HubSpot Elite Partner that provides certified knowledge and tools to grow your business through integrated inbound marketing, including lead generation strategies, website designs and development, and CRM integrations.

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