Appreciating your Customers for the Holidays With Inbound Marketing

12/10/2013 4 min read Written by Lynton

Appreciating Your Customers for the HolidaysI’m a big fan of the holiday season, and it’s not just because I count down to egg nog pretty much all year. Throughout the year we here at LyntonWeb attract, convert, close, and delight (all parts of HubSpot’s inbound marketing methodology). We focus on exceptional content, innovative online presences, lead nurturing, CTAs, listening to our clients, and making their online dreams come true.

It’s during the holiday season that I get to revel in my favorite part of the methodology- delight! It’s the time of year I get to take my passion for inbound marketing offline and really focus on my favorite: tell my customers how much I appreciate their partnership all year.

Yes, you read it correctly, offline. To me, nothing is more a part of delighting than being a real person and showing that I really care. I’m passionate about showing my personality to my customers aside from finding them on LinkedIn or tweeting them, or even sending them an email (gasp!). And I’ll argue that being a real person is fundamentally more “inbound” than any Christmas E-Card I could have our designer, Rob, put together.

During the holiday season I advocate for increasing your content, correspondence, and communication outside of workflows, emails, tweets, and any other inbound marketing tactics.

Here are my favorite ways to delight my customers through the holiday season and beyond.  

Make it happen for your clients!

In the swell of Black Friday and Cyber Monday emails, I’ve gotten quite a few promo codes and offers that weren't all that helpful. I’m not telling you to say “no” to taking part in the mass of holiday offers, I suggest making it specific, unique, and helpful to your customers' goals rather than a blanket offer.

As a B2B agency, I have the ability to tell my clients I can make their new website or marketing campaign happen. And I bet you have the power to make your clients goals come to fruition too! Make it happen for your customers, whether that means taking a late call, shaving a bit off the price, or adjusting your development calendar. Pay it forward and you will be letting your customer know that they are top of mind and appreciated.

Be kind, compassionate, and helpful!

It’s the holidays, things are a bit stressful for quite a few industries. Budgets are being finalized, loops closed for the year, plans finalized. You know how it goes. And on top of that your customer is likely trying to holiday shop, enjoy their own holiday traditions, and generally make it all happen during such a busy time of year. This is a fantastic time of year to appreciate your customer for not just being a part of your business, but also for being human.

To me this means respecting the holiday season for being hectic and often stressful. Stay flexible, upbeat, and above all friendly and understanding, whether that means offering new solutions last minute, rescheduling a call, or being available at any time your customer has a question. You get it, it’s a season to be giving. Make yourself open and ready to be there and your customer will feel appreciated.

Pen and paper please!

I advocate hand written Christmas cards (on branded and witty Christmas cards of course) but coming straight from the desk of Bridget Mohan. My handwriting is terrible, I may use a purple pen because it’s my current favorite, but you know it’s directly from me. There is something to be said for the time and thought it takes to send a card. And to me that is something special and unique to the relationship you have with your customers.

Between how busy things get with the holiday planning and the gift wrapping marathon there is always time to be in the moment, be human, and be real with your customers. Nothing delights people more than working with someone who has their best interest top of mind, understands their challenges in business (or how the heck to fit a 35 lb turkey in the oven). It’s a wonderful time of year to reflect on how to be more open, available, and appreciative both online and off. 

So, how are you delighting your customers this holiday season?


By: Lynton

Lynton is a HubSpot Elite Partner that provides certified knowledge and tools to grow your business through integrated inbound marketing, including lead generation strategies, website designs and development, and CRM integrations.

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