December 2019 HubSpot Updates – What You Need to Know!

12/11/2019 4 min read Written by Kelly Groover

The holidays have arrived early for HubSpot users with the release of several new products and updates that debuted earlier this month. Many of us are familiar with the company’s continuous work to improve the user experience through new features like this and beyond. With that said, there’s a ton of new updates to explore. Here are our picks for what we think will make an impact on HubSpotters.


HubSpot’s reporting tools and dashboard are known for being robust, but new additions aim to increase their efficiency further. Specifically:

  • All Pro and Enterprise users can now export reporting data from four analytics tools: contact analytics, sales content analytics, sales team productivity, and service team productivity. These new data sets can help your sales and service teams make improvements to their performance and enable marketing to provide more useful content for their efforts.
  • Users utilizing funnel reports can now see cumulative conversion percentages alongside next step conversion percentage. This only impacts deals that have been through all stages of your funnel, but can offer a broader picture of what helps your deals covert.
  • Sales Hub Enterprise users can utilize an updated revenue analytics tool that allows users to see projected recurring revenue and drill down further to see the deals that make up each revenue category.
  • All users can use select from six new reports to better monitor and optimize their ad campaigns, ranging from Facebook to PPC.

HubSpot Admins

As HubSpot users know, the platform allows specific access to individual members within an organization known as administrators or admins. New updates to their permissions include:

  • Admins can now track the last user activity of all users in their company to help moderate system adoption and improve training and onboarding.
  • HubSpot admins can now access all private dashboards, which helps companies retrieve information should an employee quit or be terminated. 


The tasks feature in HubSpot has long enabled sales representatives to organize their workload. Now, you can:

  • Mark tasks as “priority,” then sort and view their tasks based on this, helping you go after more critical deals first.
  • Add comments to notes, calls, and meetings logged in your HubSpot CRM

LinkedIn Lead Generation Ads 

This completely new feature allows you to create LinkedIn Lead Gen ads after you connect your LinkedIn account to HubSpot. In doing so, you can:

  • Insert lead gen forms and CTAs directly into the ad.
  • Target based on website activity, contact lists, location, interests, and more.
  • Set up notifications for your team when someone fills the form or clicks on your CTA.

Chat Flows 

As chatbots become more popular, HubSpot continues to improve their functionality. All Pro and Enterprise users can benefit from if/then branches that customize the flow of conversations within a chatbot. You can:

  • Add conditions to tell your bot to skip an action. For example, if a user responds to your chatbot with a specific action, then you can have your chatbot react back appropriately. These can be set up via response, contact property value, or agent availability.
  • Set up a branch for quick replies. If/then branches for quick replies can tailor your preset responses for your visitors, so they still feel like they’re having a personalized conversation.

Advanced Targeting in Pop-Ups and Chat Flows

Many marketers realize that the better you target your audience, the higher conversions you will have. HubSpot recognizes this as well, extending advanced targeting to pop-ups and chat flows:

  • All users can enable new triggers and personalization tactics in their pop-up strategy to reach the right visitor at the right time. With it, you can apply characteristics of your website visitors to your ads, such as location or preferred language.
  • Currently available for pop-ups, with a beta for chat flows in production.


Images and graphics are essential to a HubSpot user’s website, blog, or other content. New tweaks to how you upload images will let all users:

  • Select the resolution you want for each photo.
  • Optimize your site by allowing you to choose between image quality or load time (a higher res photo will look nicer, but a lower res photo will load faster).

Gravity Forms 

The newest HubSpot add-on tool, Gravity Forms, is available in the app marketplace. Available for all HubSpot and Gravity Form users, this update can:

  • Increase the effectiveness of your lead generation on your WordPress site through Gravity Form’s native tools.
  • Sync form data automatically to your HubSpot CRM so that you can use the information in marketing campaigns.

To Sum It Up

Checking out HubSpot’s newest product releases and updates is always an exciting time for any HubSpotter. From stronger reporting capabilities, enhanced lead generation through forms and ads, to smarter chatbot conversations, your inbound marketing strategy is sure to benefit. If you’re excited about anything particular on this list, let us know. We’re here to help provide more information or assist in implementing any feature! Contact us here.

By: Kelly Groover

Kelly serves as the Specialist of People and Talent for Lynton. She lives in Savannah, GA with her husband, daughter, and two dogs. When she's not managing conversion rates and lead generation for the company, she's typically playing soccer or watching football.

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