Did NASA's AI Detect Alien Life?-Inbound Marketing Highlights

12/17/2017 5 min read Written by Lynton

Marketing is more than a cookie-cutter, one-size fits all approach. Today, it requires more data, insights, and specific targeting than ever. To reach their target audience, marketers everywhere are turning to technology such as artificial intelligence. What if I told you that this same type of technology used by marketers, is also used to discover new solar systems by NASA? Amazing! As AI development continues to advance, this technology is becoming more widely available to marketing professionals and aeronautical scientists alike. 


Artificial Intelligence, NASA Data Used to Discover Eighth Planet Circling Distant Star

AI has been making huge impacts today whether it's being used for marketing, technology, or even space science. NASA announced a huge discovery this week when it shared that they've found a new solar system using Google's AI technology.  Why is this solar system particularly notable? Well, scientists have actually known about it for quite some time, what's new however, is the recent revelations they've made using this technology. This solar system known as the Kepler-90 system has the same amount of planets as ours. Not only does it have 7 planets like ours but they all orbit a star very similar to our sun. So does this mean that there's life there? Scientists say likely not. However, this advancement in technology will make it easier for them to discover more solar systems in the future. And who knows, maybe one day they'll find some sort of life out there.

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40% of Millennial Women Say Instagram Is the Best Way for Brands to Reach Them, Per Bustle

It's important to understand behaviors and interests of each generation in order to properly target them.  In order to help with this process, Bustle released a report about millennial women. While this may not be a surprise to most, millennial women cite Instagram as the most effective way for brands to reach them. What is slightly more surprising is that most stereotypes about millennials are untrue. While there’s a myth that millennial are all lazy and "living in their parents’ basements," Bustle found that 94 percent of its readers say financial security is very important to them. It’s also been said, according to Bustle, that millennials are selfish. But Bustle disproved that as well, with 48 percent saying they volunteer and nearly 63 percent saying they plan to volunteer more in the future. The last study Bustle did was figuring out who millennial women idolize most, the results are not what you might expect. 

“Another myth that we’ve debunked is that millennial women are just keeping up with the Kardashians. We gave out tens of options of role models that our readers look up to and we found that 81 percent said they would rather be Sheryl Sandberg than Kim Kardashian. Forty-three percent said Michelle Obama was their top role model. Right below her we had Elizabeth Warren, J.K. Rowling and Malala Yousafzai.”

This study proves that when marketing to any generation, it's important to look at facts rather than assumptions! 

Prepare to Rock the Pantone 2018 Color of the Year With These Picks: Gift Guide

As some of you design savvy readers may know, Pantone announced their Color of the Year last week and the winner was....Ultra Violet!

"A dramatically provocative and thoughtful purple shade, Ultra Violet communicates originality, ingenuity, and visionary thinking that points us to the future," the brand captions it's reveal photo on Instagram.

For those of you that aren't so familiar with Pantone, their Color of the Year sets the tone for the world of design. In the article above, Billboard put together a list of the best 'Ultra Violet colored' holiday gift ideas, for the design enthusiasts and purple lovers in your life. Feel free to send any of them my way! I'm personally loving 2018's Color of the Year.

SEO in 2018: Optimizing for voice search

As technology gets more advanced, so does SEO strategy. A huge disrupter in search engine optimization has been the increasing number of voice searches. 40% of adults now use voice search once per day while 60% of people alone have started to utilize search by voice this year. With Google Home, Alexa, Siri, and Cortana all demonstrating a 92% accuracy in understanding the human voice, Voice search has finally become a user-friendly experience. 

In today's world, working with, instead of against Voice Searches can greatly benefit your company's search ranking. This article shows a few different ways to optimize for voice.  The study shows that most voice searches involve long-tail search terms of five words or more, instead of one, two, or three typed words. Marketers need to consider making their content more conversational, keeping in mind colloquial language. Read the article for additional insight. 

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Anxiety-driven email marketing resonated better with US consumers in 2017

Do consumers respond better to anxiety or achievement ? Well according to this study, anxiety inducing subject-lines performed the best this year, with achievement being a close second. A study done by Persado included 3,527 email subject lines sent by 142 brands to an average of 1.54 million people between June and November this year. Persado's customers include companies such as Gap, Verizon, Microsoft and American Express. Check out the study for advice on how to evoke the emotions that resonate most in each region. For anxiety, phrases such as "don't forget," "important update" can get a response this holiday season.

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