5 Examples of Great Mobile Design on HubSpot's COS

09/16/2013 4 min read Written by Lynton

Having a great mobile website experience is essential in today's business environment. For most companies, nearly 25% of the traffic coming to their website is from someone looking at it on a mobile device. Going forward this number is only going to increase. By 2017 is it predicted the 87% of connected devices will be smartphones or tablets.

HubSpot’s new Content Optimization System (COS) uses responsive design as a way to allow inbound websites to have a great mobile experience. Below are a few examples of website currently on HubSpot’s COS that are beautiful both on desktop and mobile.

Hubspot's Mobile Site


Let's start with and easy one: HubSpot. Their website does a excellent job of keeping their copy to short manageable chunks. This makes it easy to read on desktop, but also a great mobile experience. Being concise and to the point is essential to the mobile experience.

Another huge improvement on HubSpot's website was with their blog. If you had ever tried to read one of the great articles HubSpot writes before their move to the COS you can feel my pain. The new website's readability on mobile is much appreciated when keeping up with their blog on your phone.

Urbanbound's Mobile Site


Urbanbound does a great job of understanding their product's hierarchy of needs which is so essential for the mobile experience. Within the first screen on mobile it is clear how their product can help and has a CTA (Request a Demo!) to take action.

The navigation on this site is also well optimized for mobile. On your phone you do not want the first thing seen to be your navigation. Using a menu button in the top right corner prevents this. The navigation styling that Urbanbound uses is also great being kind to fat fingers.

The Surf Right Project's Mobile Site


The Surf Right Project’s website’s emphasis on photos is a great for a product that celebrates “hardy individuals who brave crazy temperatures to follow their passion.” The sites responsive design helps make these images engaging and easy to browse through on mobile.

Collaborate's Mobile Site


Collaborate builds project management tools for mobile teams so it is absolutely essential the mobile design on their website knocks it out of the park. This site does a great job of orienting it's messaging to prospective customers. CTAs are actionable and easily accessible throughout the page.

While the messaging for this site is purposefully oriented towards perspective customers it also is kind to current customer's needs by making it super easy to login.

LyntonWeb's Mobile Site


I truly believe our website looks even better on mobile than it does on desktop. We dug into our strategy for creating the website with a mobile first approach, and everything that entailed, last week.

When we built our website we wanted to take advantage of all the tools and capabilities that HubSpot's new COS allows. The next step in our redesign is to start taking advantage of contextualized content.

Are you as excited about the new HubSpot COS as we are? Which mobile site is your favorite?


By: Lynton

Lynton is a HubSpot Elite Partner that provides certified knowledge and tools to grow your business through integrated inbound marketing, including lead generation strategies, website designs and development, and CRM integrations.

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