How HubSpot Can Replace Your Bronto Marketing Automation

05/17/2021 3 min read Written by Kelly Groover

Bronto is officially going the way of the dinosaurs.

Like its namesake, the email marketing software popular among small businesses and eCommerce providers, will reach “end of life” on May 31, 2022. That gives current users a year to find an alternative platform. While that may sound like a good chunk of time, if you’re a Bronto user, you may want to consider migrating sooner rather than later – particularly if a busy season for you is looming. 

To help in your searches, we’ve outlined HubSpot, a viable replacement, below. 

How HubSpot is Similar to Bronto

If you’re new to Bronto or stumbled upon this blog, it’s essential to know what this system does. Bronto is Oracle Netsuite’s email marketing platform that offers automation, personalization, and analytics. You can use it to create targeted lead nurtures with relevant CTAs. Then, you can tap into its reporting capabilities to gain insights to improve your email marketing strategies. Additionally, you can take it a step further by using Bronto alongside it’s parent brand’s other eCommerce abilities, but even still, you’ll need a replacement for email! 

HubSpot is very similar regarding email marketing. With its free Marketing Hub tools, users can: 

  • Select from various goal-based (newsletter, Q&A, etc.) email templates in the HubSpot marketplace, all designed with conversion in mind. 
  • Customize or make your email template with HubSpot’s easy-to-use drag and drop editor. You can switch up the layouts, images, CTAs, colors, fonts, or anything else to make your design match your brand. 
  • Personalize your email content, subject line, and preview text with tokens like name and company. 
  • Segment your lists and provide the most relevant content by targeting readers using lifecycle stage or other details related to their HubSpot contact record.
  • Automate emails and create lead nurturing and drip campaigns through HubSpot workflows.
  • A/B Test different elements of your email like subject line, CTA, or other content elements.
  • Dig into analytics to see who’s engaging with each email, on what device, when, and how often.

Not too shabby, right? Keep reading for more about HubSpot’s different tiers. 

How HubSpot is Different Than Bronto

To reiterate again, Bronto when compared to HubSpot is an email service provider tool, where HubSpot has a full set of baked in features that focus on the entire customer experience and buyers’ journey. 

HubSpot’s Marketing Hub goes beyond just email marketing. With the platform, all your tools and data are in one easy-to-use, robust system. You won’t have to flip between an email system, chatbot, and social media platform. It’s truly all in one and  helps marketing, sales, and service teams generate new leads to eventually nurture them into customers.

How? Here’s a look at what tools from Marketing Hub’s Free or Starter (paid subscription) tier can enable your success: 

  • Blogging – Publish your blogs and other resources directly to your website with HubSpot. With built-in SEO and room for CTAs, you’re bound to be noticed. 
  • SEO – HubSpot’s SEO tools can help you build your search authority and outrank competitors.  
  • Digital Ads – Manage Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google ads from start to finish right inside HubSpot.
  • Social media – Create and publish social media content to all your networks. inside HubSpot. You can also monitor and interact with users within the platform as well. 
  • Video – Embed hosted videos across your website, blog, and social media using this HubSpot tool. 
  • Chatbot – Use HubSpot’s chat technology to engage with website visitors, qualify leads, or offer customer support.
  • Forms – Capture lead and customer information that you can use in sales and marketing campaigns with HubSpot’s powerful form tool.
  • Landing pages - Gate premium content or create areas for users to contact or set up meetings with your team - all while collecting their data. 

Another critical component that sets HubSpot apart from Bronto and other competitors is its scalability. Any organization can start with HubSpot’s free tools to see if the platform meets their expectations. If they like it and want to move up – or if their business grows – they can scale up to Starter, Pro, and finally, Enterprise. With each tier comes more features that are aimed at helping you attract leads and convert them to customers while saving you time and energy in the process. 

Get in Touch

If you’re a Bronto user searching for a replacement, it’s pretty clear our team recommends HubSpot. If you’re not 100% sold yet, we can chat more about the tool and how you can replicate your current Bronto processes. Just reach out to one of our onboarding experts experienced in migrating users off one platform to HubSpot.

By: Kelly Groover

Kelly serves as the Specialist of People and Talent for Lynton. She lives in Savannah, GA with her husband, daughter, and two dogs. When she's not managing conversion rates and lead generation for the company, she's typically playing soccer or watching football.

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