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How to Ensure Your SEO Strategy Magically Falls into Place (for Real!)

When it comes to SEO strategy, things have taken a drastic turn for the better. You no longer have to adhere to the old school rules and their often ridiculous dictates. You can instead simply practice solid inbound marketing techniques and watch an effective SEO strategy pretty much magically fall into place. 

Old School SEO 

You surely remember the old school SEO tactic of inserting a keyword here, inserting a keyword again here, and then inserting a keyword here, here and here – as well as in your page titles, meta descriptions, image alt-text and anywhere else you could conceivably, well, stuff it. 

Success with old school SEO meant shooting to the top of the search engine heap based on an overload of keywords and any type of inbound links (even purchased ones that may not have anything at all to do with your site). 

What Changed 

Google’s algorithm has since become much more complex, relying far less on the repetition of certain keywords and more on the entire search experience. It can now put things into better context. Instead of basing search results solely on information provided through your keywords, page titles, meta descriptions and the like, Google now looks at other factors, as well. 

Every Google search is based on a unique data set - users enter their search terms and Google considers things like the user’s location, previous searches, recent YouTube views, Gmail inbox content, and other elements to produce highly customized search results. In fact, Google doesn't even completely understand how parts of its algorithm works. So why should you worry about it? 

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Newfangled SEO 

Success in today’s SEO doesn’t mean ranking No. 1 for a specific keyword. It’s now measured by a steady supply of traffic, customers and leads – in other words, things that matter most for your business’s bottom line. 

And you can achieve modern SEO success by sticking with proven inbound marketing strategies like: 

  • Building a website that brings value to your users. Go for simple navigation, language your visitors understand, and page titles and meta tags that outline what’s on the page.
  • Creating captivating content. A steady flow of fabulous, unique content that your visitors want, need, understand and enjoy is a must.
  • Sharing your content. Find out where your customers and potential customers hang out, then share content from your company and others that provides useful information.
  • Establishing relationships and, ultimately, a community. Relationships are key to today’s marketing success, and you can build and nurture them by helping people out whenever you can – online, on the phone or in person. 

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One final tidbit to keep in mind is focusing your efforts on what your customers want and need. They are the ones you want to please. They’re also the main factors for propelling you to success. Remember Google simply rewards the hard work for good content. Tools like HubSpot will assure you get the basics of SEO right. Let your website answer your customer pain points and show how you are different from your competitors and you will be much further ahead of the game than being stuck in an SEO wormhole somewhere on your website. New Call-to-action