How VR is Helping Pregnant Women, a Major Twitter Fail, and the Google Scam to Look Out for - Inbound Marketing Highlights

06/03/2018 4 min read Written by Lynton

Times are changing! Generation X'ers are ditching Facebook, pregnant women are using VR to prepare for childbirth, and HubSpot is changing customer service as we know it.  Read about these stories and more in this week's Inbound Marketing Highlights.




Teens dump Facebook for YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat

This new study is confirming something we all suspected: teens are not on Facebook anymore. While this may be the case, it doesn’t mean that they’re not on social media, with many teens opting for visually stimulating Snapchat, YouTube, and Instagram. Half of them reporting being online “almost constantly” with 95% of teens also having access to a smart phone. Fewer teens had laptops and desktops, however.  Being mobile focused, many teens are consuming content and apps which are highly visual and easily browsable. YouTube is their favorite app with 85 percent reporting they use it, then Instagram at 72 percent, and Snapchat at 69. The reason teens don’t use Facebook is still relatively unknown. However, Facebook is aware of the lack of teen users on their network, even going so far as to make a “teen tutorial”.

An Entire Birth Was Filmed in VR so Parents-to-Be Could Know What to Expect

Sweden is finding a new and innovative way to prepare expecting parents for childbirth. Sweden’s Gjensidige Insurance in collaboration with a local hospital, filmed a childbirth in 360-degree video, creating a VR experience that anyone can watch. Although it is recommended to use a VR headset, you can watch it right now on YouTube. The reasoning behind this experience was to help first-time mothers who have anxiety about the process. These VR headsets were sent to every maternity clinic in Sweden in hopes of making it easy for parents to watch the video. And according to a case study, watching the video is a educational and positive experience for preparing mothers. More headsets can be ordered via the brand’s Birthual Reality website.

The potholes of scaling customer support and service – Interview with Michael Redbord of HubSpot

It's no secret that we at LyntonWeb love HubSpot's new product, Service Hub! Hubspot’s Michael Redbord gave an interview about their new product and how, Service Hub came about in the first place. Redbord discusses the support team, the different stages that leaders need to be aware of, what to focus on at each stage and what to avoid.

Redbord offers the following takeaways for service leaders:

"First, don’t focus on delight. Yes, you want to make the best you can out of those delightful moments. They make really good stories. But, they are not scalable as they are dependent on flashes of creativity. Focus on scaling that kernel that is at the very, very centre (the core) of what makes you excellent at customer experience.

Second, focus on delivering and adding a real human touch to every interaction, adopt a super conversational tone, one that is not jilted and overly formal.

Third, people should become students of the way that not just their customers work but consumers at large behave. Become a student of the way that people are changing their behaviour today. There’s a lot of changes going on and if you can observe those, and harness them, they are key to understanding how you can change your service model to actually work better for your customers."

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The Curious Case of Bryan Colangelo and the Secret Twitter Account

Here we have a Twitter #FAIL. With many public figures wanting to join social media discussions, some are also using an account under a pseudonym to do so. This is so they can read what users are saying about them and reply under a fake name, and therefore defending themselves under different identity. While having a fake account may sound like a genius idea, it can be incredibly embarrassing when your fake account is discovered. And while public figures have been outed for this before, the latest fall victim is Philadelphia 76ers' General Manager, Bryan Colangelo. The reason this is causing commotion is because he used his five fake twitter accounts to not only defend himself, but criticize many of his team's players and leak confidential information about others. Colangelo was busted for using these fake accounts when someone used an an "open-source data analysis tool to link the accounts through commonalities including similarities in who the accounts followed and linguistic quirks." Read more about this story here.

Google steps up efforts to fight scams and fraud directed at SMBs

Small business owners are sadly falling victims to scammers posing as Google. These scammers have been claiming to represent Google and threatening to remove their business’s listing or lower their SEO ranking. Sometimes they even try to charge for things that are free on Google. Google has filed lawsuits in the past to stop these scams, but now they are stepping up their efforts with a new set of initiatives. Not only will they be taking legal action, they can now better identify these accounts and remove them. Google has also developed a tool allowing business owners to report these scams.

That's this week in Inbound Marketing Highlights! Stop by next Sunday for more!

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