How You Can Use Clubhouse as a Marketer

05/21/2021 3 min read Written by Kelly Groover

“Hey. You want a Clubhouse invite?” 

Chances are you’ve heard this question in the last few months. If you haven’t, don’t sweat it. 

The invite-only social media platform is still in its infancy, only celebrating its first anniversary this March. As more and more people snag their invites, the more prevalent the app is becoming. 

And the more marketers are seeing its potential. 

What is Clubhouse?

Clubhouse is an audio-only social media app. After receiving an invite and downloading the application, users self-select into rooms based on interest. They engage in live conversations on specific topics, including gardening, makeup, hairstyles, civil rights, and of course, marketing. Every room has a moderator or owner who has the authority to choose who speaks at any given time. They can also help start the conversation or steer it in a particular direction.

Other important things to note about Clubhouse include: 

  • Prominent celebrities like Elon Musk, Oprah, and Bill Gates have already appeared on the app. 
  • It has more than 10 million weekly active users.
  • You can join and leave rooms quietly, meaning no one will see you go.
  • You can start your rooms at any time.
  • You can join “clubs” or a group of users that share a topic. If you join one, you’ll be notified every time someone from this club is hosting or presenting. An example of a club would be something like “Sports Marketing Mafia.”

How You Can Use Clubhouse for Your Brand

Despite being roughly a year old, marketers worldwide have already recognized some powerful business use cases for the app. Here are some ways to utilize Clubhouse:

  • Get branding. Select brand ambassadors from your company to join clubs and conversations. If you do this, make sure your contributors have their profiles filled out, describing their role and what your company does. Include contact information, too! As you and others engage in conversation, people will see it. Pro tip: Start by having your team members join or start a group/conversation centered around what your business does. Don’t be too promotional, though. For example, if you sell organic skin products, start a room about that and talk!
  • Join rooms or groups related to your brand. As noted, you can start a room about your product or service offering or join existing rooms. Share your expertise in the industry and try to tie in your brand without name dropping too much. 
  • Use it for public relations or announcements. Say your company is launching a new product or offer. You could start a room dedicated to this. Just think of it like a live press conference or release. Tease it up by revealing the time and date of your room or group meeting on social media or through an email campaign!
  • Create a roundtable. You can make a room dedicated to free advice or discussion to answer questions about what your brand does. If you build software for healthcare companies, you can discuss the importance of having aligned systems in the field. If you run a nonprofit, discuss your mission and open the room to people interested in volunteering or donating. Whatever it is, be mindful of how you’re approaching the conversation. Clubhouse isn’t intended for overly promotional discussions.
  • Co-market. All kinds of influencers and celebrities love Clubhouse. So, if there is a well-known industry leader on Clubhouse, and knows you, link up and start a room or group together. Their audience will come to see them, giving you a chance to impress a set of people with similar interests. If you don’t know an influencer, try simply co-marketing with a like-minded brand. You’ll both benefit from being able to speak to each other’s target personas!

Get Started

Have an invite? Download Clubhouse! There are multiple ways to engage with people on it that will benefit your marketing. In fact, no matter how you choose to use Clubhouse, if you’re strategic, you can earnestly connect and engage with people. And that’s what marketing is all about, right? 

For any help navigating Clubhouse, reach out to the Lynton team for a strategy session!

By: Kelly Groover

Kelly serves as the Specialist of People and Talent for Lynton. She lives in Savannah, GA with her husband, daughter, and two dogs. When she's not managing conversion rates and lead generation for the company, she's typically playing soccer or watching football.

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