HR Recruiting Websites Increase Traffic and Leads with 5 Inbound Marketing Tactics

06/13/2015 3 min read Written by Roman Kniahynyckyj

lw_5_tacticsGenerating traffic and leads doesn’t happen by accident. Nor is it something you can typically prompt with the snap of a finger. HR recruiting websites frequently need to take a few different steps to attract traffic and then capture quality leads on their sites – and these five inbound marketing tactics can do the trick. 

Use an e-book to tell your story 

Presenting your story as an e-book is an awesome way to get leads. But first you have to write it. Your story doesn’t have to be fancy, but it does have to be authentic. Gather ideas by talking to employees, reviewing the history of your company and seeking out interesting tidbits related to your firm. 

Once your ideas are gathered, your next step is to create the book. You can do it yourself in a variety of different downloadable formats, or download the Hubspot e-book template that gives you an 18-page PowerPoint book ready for you to fill in the blanks. 

Create a landing page with a contact form 

Your next step is to create a landing page where people can provide their contact information to download your book. This landing page is a stand-alone page not necessarily linked to your site. It needs to contain the information about your e-book, a link to its download and a contact form. 

A variety of different programs can help you build the page and contact form. Check out some helpful hints from Unbounce to guide your landing page creation. 

Target your prospects through Facebook ads 

Now it’s time to find your target audience. They are the folks whose problems you can solve with your products or services. Determine what they do for work as well as for fun, then head over to Facebook to get your landing page ad in front of them. Facebook ads are fairly inexpensive and have a wide reach that can be tailored easily, so they’re a good place to start your lead and traffic generation strategies. 

Try ads on other social platforms 

Once your Facebook ads are getting results, advance your efforts to other social media sites. Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ are popular options, and you also have additional choices like Instagram and Pinterest. Wordstream gives a good rundown on the different platforms, their ad choices and which may mesh best with your HR recruiting firm. 

Share your link in strategic places 

In addition to paid ads, you can share your landing page link in a slew of other places. Post it as a status update on Facebook and LinkedIn. Tweet it on Twitter. Incorporate it as part of your signature line on emails. Include the link anywhere you think your target audience is likely to see it. 

Once these five inbound marketing steps are complete, your HR recruiting firm will have its own personal lead and traffic generating machine. Better yet, you can use the same tactics for additional e-books and other content by simply repeating the process again and again.

By: Roman Kniahynyckyj

Roman has been helping clients develop and implement revenue enhancing inbound marketing strategies since 2009. Prior to becoming an inbound marketer, Roman was a management consultant with Ernst & Young, Booz Allen Hamilton, BearingPoint, and KPMG. Roman's relentless focus on client satisfaction and client results has garnered accolades from many clients and teams.

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