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HubSpot Free CMS: What You Need to Know

Building a professional-looking website may seem daunting if you lack technical resources. HubSpot’s content management system (CMS), CMS Hub, makes creating a website easy with flexible themes, a drag-and-drop editor, and plenty of built-in tools for customization. 

What if you’re a startup or a growing business? Can you afford the upfront or maintenance costs of a CMS? 

HubSpot’s CMS Hub Free, its entry-level version of its CMS, provides growing businesses with features and capabilities of its CMS and an all-in-one CRM platform so they can build their online presence without breaking the bank. 

What Are The Main Features of CMS Hub Free?

CMS Hub Free comes preloaded with many of the capabilities of its paid versions, including: 

  • Premium cloud hosting so your visitors have a seamless experience
  • A library of flexible themes, which removes the headache of mismatched designs or logos and makes building a branded and cohesive site simple 
  • Drag-and-drop page editor to update and create pages without a developer’s help 
  • Free HubSpot CRM tools, like forms and email 
  • Multi-language content to easily manage different languages 
  • Landing pages with the ability to embed forms and CTAs 
  • Blogging to house all your essential marketing content 
  • Website analytics to track your visitors’ engagement with your pages 

You can use these capabilities to host your webpages, blog posts, and landing pages on a custom domain that drives your brand and awareness. While this is all great, it’s important to note the limitations of CMS Hub Free:

  • A limit of 25 website pages
  • A maximum of one blog with 100 posts, 20 authors, and 50 tags 
  • No personalization tokens or smart content 
  • No URL redirects 
  • Inability to modify system pages, such as a 404 
  • HubSpot branding on site pages, blog pages, and landing pages 

Despite these limitations, the features of CMS Hub Free allow your new or growing business to get off the ground. You can build a website in just a few hours without worrying about hiring a developer or contacting a third-party vendor. You won’t have to pay upfront or maintenance costs, and you never will — CMS Hub Free has no trial and remains free forever. As you scale, you can accelerate efforts by purchasing Starter, Premium, or Enterprise

Check Out Themes Available With CMS Hub Free

One of our favorite features of CMS Hub Free is the library of drag-and-drop themes you can access. Our team has built several themes for different business verticals to help you kickstart your success on CMS Hub, no matter what your business does.

If you’re a small business, check out Spark, Spark Premium, or Vertical. If you’re a SaaS or tech start-up, explore the theme Framework. For nonprofits and educational bodies, dive into Impact! Each theme gives you what you need to start building your branded, cohesive site today using CMS Hub Free.