HubSpot Feature Frenzy: A Look At What's New

09/29/2023 4 min read Written by Megan Combs

Everyone loves a reboot, and HubSpot’s relaunch of its template marketplace is no exception. You’ve got templates, you’ve got modules, you’ve got industries… it’s all there!

We’ll explore this and other exciting product releases from HubSpot in this blog. 

Templates & Modules Combine

Head to HubSpot’s template marketplace to find loads of web designs that match any look, feel, and budget. Recently relaunched, the marketplace makes it easier to find the templates you need, and it even includes available modules. Modules and themes are tested by HubSpot for quality, ensuring a flawless user experience.

There are several ways to search the template gallery: browse featured themes, industry, and theme collections. The best part about these templates? No coding is required. 

Once you’ve settled on a template, browse modules to make your website work harder for you. Choose from event countdowns, timelines, donation boxes, FAQ galleries, and more. You’re sure to find what you need.

Read more about this product release.

Content Assistant At Your Service

HubSpot has added a content assistant to the Conversations Inbox composer in all channels. You can use this assistant to generate responses to customers, edit existing text, rewrite existing text, shorten or lengthen text, and change the tone of your text.

You can also use the content assistant to summarize a comment section, so you don’t have to waste time reading each message. 

Other HubSpot Releases We’re Excited About

Here are a few other July and August feature releases we’re excited about. Please note that your access to these features will depend on your HubSpot subscription.

Making Call Outcomes Required

Do you have clear visibility into what happened after a prospect call? Now you do with HubSpot’s new call outcomes. Your sales reps can log a call outcome prior to saving outbound calls or logged calls within HubSpot. 

This required custom property includes preset fields like “connected,” “left voicemail,” or “wrong number,” and you can even add your own options.

Advanced Formula Editor for Calculated Properties

The advanced formula editor for calculated properties will help make data more meaningful to your business. It will help you create custom calculations to suit your specific business needs and opens the door for more advanced reporting and automation.


Who doesn’t love a good playlist? Now you can curate your own educational playlist in the HubSpot Academy. Create playlists around different aspects of the platform or a specific topic and share them with clients, new employees, and more.

Logging Emails to Custom Objects

This handy update allows users to log emails to HubSpot custom objects from within Gmail and web-based Office 365. This update will help users not have to jump between object types as often.

Find Notes by Note Content

Rather than scrolling forever to find a certain note, you can now search notes by note content. Find notes on any CRM record — contacts, companies, deals, tickets — and make the handoff from marketing to sales even easier.

List Limit Increase

When a user selects which list type they want to create, they will now see the number of lists available to them. With the advent of deal lists, lists are a great way to simplify workflow enrollment or reporting filter sets.

Custom Object Lists

Create a custom object list using:

  • Any Associated Objects and their properties
  • Any Associated Objects and their interactions
  • Any Associated List membership

Find more product release notes here and here.

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By: Megan Combs

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