ICYMI: Recent HubSpot Product Updates

03/13/2020 4 min read Written by Kelly Groover

February may have been a short month, but that didn’t slow HubSpot down. Not only did they revamp their Solutions Partner Program, but they also created and optimized several aspects of the Service, Sales, and Marketing Hubs. For anyone who missed these critical updates, we’ve outlined what you need to know.

Solutions Partner Program

HubSpot revealed its newly branded Solution Partner Program, including its Elite tier and its requirements, to current partners during INBOUND 2019. In February, HubSpot publicized the program and announced its first eight Elite partners to its customers and other users globally.

Elite Partners, like Lynton, are calculated by a rolling 12 months of Sold Monthly Recurring Revenue (SRR) and Managed Recurring Revenue (MRR). For a full list of Elite Partners, check out HubSpot’s agency directory.

Marketing Hub Updates

HubSpot’s marketing automation software aims to help marketing teams excel in their campaigns. Last month, the product team made adjustments to:

Facebook Ads

Looking to boost your latest Facebook post for better reach without leaving the HubSpot social tool? Now you can! With this update, you can increase engagement on your Facebook posts by navigating to them, hitting “Actions,” then selecting “Create Ad” from the dropdown list.

SEO Prioritization  

SEO is not a straightforward practice – and HubSpot knows it. That’s why they’ve created a brand-new home for SEO recommendations. To use it, head over to the SEO tool within HubSpot and click the recommendations tab. Choose which hostname you want to see information for, then enjoy a breakdown of the various SEO optimizations you can implement. It’ll even prioritize which you should do first and how it will impact your SEO success.

Content Editing

The revised content editor makes the editing experience more consistent across all content tools, including email, landing pages, webpages, and blogs, by providing the same features for all. Additionally, HubSpot has made it easier to update global content without having to use the design manager. Now, just click into a global module or group within a page editor and make changes. 

Revenue Attribution Reporting

Multi-touch revenue attribution reports relate revenue in the form of “credit” to customer interactions, making it simple to understand which sales and marketing activities are having the most significant impact on your bottom line. HubSpot increased the functionality in of these reports by:

  • Adding a campaign filter to see how individual campaigns within HubSpot contributed
  • Creating a marketing vs. sales filter
  • Presenting pre-loaded attribution reports in the library that you can edit as needed


Experienced issues with contacts using different emails and appearing twice in your database? No longer a problem. HubSpot made tweaks to workflow implementations, including settings that:

  • Ensure merged contacts are enrolled in the right workflows
  • Allow you to copy contact properties to deals, quotes, and tickets
  • Add more than one condition to an if/then branch
  • Create tasks based on activity in Asana’s project management tool

Sales Hub

Like Marketing Hub, HubSpot’s Sales Hub’s goal is to make your sales representatives’ jobs more streamlined. Here are updates to this platform:


The quotes feature in Sales Enterprise is now featured on the main navigation. When using quotes, reps can now recall and edit all previous quotes in the database to make sharing and creating new ones faster.

Mobile App

The HubSpot Sales mobile app, specifically the “tasks” feature was updated for a faster, more user-friendly experience for representatives on the go. The activity feed has also been improved for speed, and a cross-object search experience was added to the main screen.


On the desktop version, completion date for tasks is now available as a property for sales representatives to better track their progress. The task queue capabilities were also updated to add items like “complete,” “skip,” or “reschedule.”

Permissions Settings

Have a document that you need to share with your entire sales team? Likewise, do you have one that’s only pertinent to you? With new permissions settings for sales content, you can decide which templates, sequences, and files can be shared and which should remain personal.

Note: This available for both Sales and Service Hub Professional and Enterprise users.

Service Hub

Providing a great experience to your customers is integral to your business, which is where Service Hub comes into play. New updates to this offering are sure to enhance your customer success marketing.

Password Protected Articles

HubSpot’s knowledge-based articles make it easier to provide insight into your solutions, but not every blog is relevant to your user base. This new update allows you to create password-protected articles based on a HubSpot list to limit the number of contacts accessing them.

Search Functionality

Have numerous knowledge-based articles that you think your readers will find valuable? Make it easy to find them with Service Hub’s new search tag functionality. This allows users to search for more articles based on tags you populate. If you utilize a chat widget, users can also search your articles directly within their conversation.

Ready to Get Started?

New product releases and updates are always exciting to share – especially when they’re so many optimizations you can use for your business. If you see something you’re particularly interested in, let us know. We can help by providing strategy and implementation. Reach out here.

By: Kelly Groover

Kelly serves as the Specialist of People and Talent for Lynton. She lives in Savannah, GA with her husband, daughter, and two dogs. When she's not managing conversion rates and lead generation for the company, she's typically playing soccer or watching football.

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