[Infographic] 10 Reasons You're Not Getting Any Leads

03/27/2014 1 min read Written by Rob Walz

Leads. They are the lingua franca of the inbound marketer. Leads. They are the peas to our pod the yin to our yang. Without leads - we are nothing. If a landing page doesn't convert visitors to leads - does it even exist? Trees falling in a forest, baby. 

Damn. Sorry to be so existential. Anyhoo. Sexy infographic here - you want it, you got it. You need good leads, you need lots of leads. Here are 10 reasons you might not be getting the leads you should be getting. Enjoy (and share, please). 


By: Rob Walz

Rob is a husband and a father. He likes technology, trying new beers and watching football. When he is not solving problems with colors or turning ideas into images, you will most likely find him at the beach.

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