4 HubSpot Marketing Hub Updates That Will Up Your Game

08/30/2022 2 min read Written by Megan Combs

July brought a lot of exciting updates to HubSpot’s Marketing Hub — from better personalization to amazing ad creation and more.

We’ve got a roundup of the coolest new features and what it means for your marketing game below.

4 HubSpot Updates That Will Improve Marketing

HubSpot’s latest updates brought changes to automation, campaign personalization, ad creation, comment highlighting, and threads.

Now Approaching Automation Station

Rejoice! Marketing automation for your emails and forms is here. Save time on all your mundane tasks by automating them and focusing on your customers instead.

A few ideas for automation:

  • Event registration
  • Newsletter management
  • Notify sales reps of new leads
  • Lead nurture

This update is just another way to help you reach the right audience at the right time with the right message.

This update is available for all Marketing Hub Starter packages.

Ad Campaign Editing Refresh

Notice anything different as you’re creating ads in the ads campaign editor? HubSpot has updated it to be full screen instead of a little side panel. You’ll also find additional bidding strategies for Google: maximize conversions and conversion value.

We love this update because it allows you to easily keep track of all your ad sets or ad groups, ads, and keywords on one big screen, rather than a dinky side panel.

This update is available for all Marketing Hub users.

Responsive Ad Creation for Google Ads

In yet another effort to get you in front of the right audience, Google ad campaign creation will now produce responsive ads only. These ads will change and adapt to audience preferences and demographics, which means you’re sure to hit your mark.

HubSpot made this change following an announcement from Google that disapproves of the ability to create or edit expanded text ads on its platform. Responsive ads will resonate better with your audience, and you’ll see better clicks as a result.

Responsive ad creation for Google ads is available for all Marketing Hub customers.

Comment Threads and Comment Highlighting

Holy moly. We are here for this update! In the same way you would comment on a Google Doc, you can now start comments and continue comment threads in HubSpot. Use this function for support on comment threads and attaching or highlighting comments related directly to individual assets.

The commenting feature existed before, but you weren’t able to highlight a specific part of an asset — you could only comment on the whole piece. This feature will boost collaboration among your team and help streamline internal workflows and processes.

This feature is available to Marketing Hub Professional customers.

Boost Your Marketing Efforts with HubSpot Marketing Hub

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By: Megan Combs

With a background in magazine journalism, Megan channels her love of the English language and grammar into her writing and editing. Before joining Lynton, Megan was a top content marketer at a digital marketing agency, where she helped clients translate their brand promises into strategic digital and social media messages.

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