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SMS Marketing

Make Your SMS Campaigns More Successful with SMS Onboarding

Picture this: You decided to incorporate SMS into your inbound marketing strategy, which is exciting, but now you’re struggling to decide what to text first, which is stressful. You could start feverishly googling what to do, reading blog after blog. Or you could opt for a solution that will ensure ongoing SMS marketing adoption, optimization, and success.

That solution? SMS marketing onboarding.

SMS marketing onboarding can help you see results with SMS marketing faster and more frequently. Take a look at what it is and why it’s a worthwhile consideration, regardless of business size or vertical.

What is SMS Onboarding?

SMS onboarding is fully customized training, performed by an SMS marketing or inbound expert, that’s tailored to the exact needs of your organization. It’s typically done after you purchase an SMS platform, and includes training on how to use your tool and how to make the most of your SMS campaigns and workflows.

Why Go Through SMS Onboarding?

You may be saying to yourself, “I already went to marketing school – why do I need to do more classes!?” If that’s the case, don’t think of onboarding as a classroom led by an instructor that you need to mark off as a credit. Instead, imagine it as a trusted friend giving you valuable advice. And truthfully, that’s what it is. If you’re not convinced, here are more succinct reasons to consider partnering with an SMS onboarding provider:

  • You’ll receive detailed guidance and lessons tailored to specific uses cases, including creative solutions and SMS strategy. For example, you may not realize that SMS is a highly useful crisis communication tool that all businesses use. Similarly, your business could benefit from using SMS for company promotions or customer service. An onboarding partner can pinpoint these specific use cases and provide a strategy to act on them effectively.
  • Your company will have a faster time to value for your SMS marketing efforts. Without onboarding, you may not know how to kick-off your SMS campaigns and therefore struggle to find your footing – which could result in lower and slower ROI.
  • Your marketing team will get a deeper understanding of your SMS tool that supports long-term usage.
  • You’ll learn how to create customized reports to check up on the health of your SMS campaigns and prove their ROI.

How Does This Help My SMS Campaigns? 

As noted, SMS onboarding helps you pinpoint your business’s primary use cases for SMS marketing so you can create campaigns that match your objectives. And more importantly, you won’t be wasting your time, effort, or budget. Other reasons to consider going through onboarding with an SMS partner:

  • SMS onboarding considers your customer journey and buyer personas, so you can create an entire SMS communication strategy to promote the right messages to your leads and customers at the appropriate time.  
  • You and your team will learn calculated tips, like personalization, message tone, and POV, send time, and more to increase user engagement.
  • You’ll understand what SMS KPIs you should measure so you can adjust your campaigns and improve your marketing efforts.
  • Your onboarding partner will teach you reporting so you can monitor the performance of your SMS campaigns and workflows – and recreate your most successful ones!

If you opt to use an onboarding partner like Lynton, we’ll even architect your first SMS marketing workflows you’ll need in our product, SMSZap, so you can hit the ground running and spend your creative energy on getting your first campaign out. Having these put in place can help you create effective workflows down the road, as well.

Reach Out

If you want to be more successful with all your SMS campaigns, consider working with an onboarding partner, so you’re primed with knowledge from the get-go. At Lynton, we offer SMS onboarding for SMSZap in the form of four one-hour strategy sessions. Learn more about it here!