New HubSpot Products Announced at INBOUND 2018

09/06/2018 6 min read Written by Jenny Traster

INBOUND 2018 is officially here! And as a HubSpot Diamond Partner Agency, our team always looks forward to the keynote presentation highlighting HubSpot's recent product launches. Over the years, HubSpot has released products aimed to change how marketers approach their digital marketing efforts. Notable launches include responsive templates, smart content, SSL, HubSpot CRM, Reporting Add-On and chat bots, to name a few. This year's releases are no different - all have the intention to reduce the friction of a prospect's journey with a company.

It's no secret that HubSpot can help you generate inbound marketing results. As your company grows, so can the complications. Rather than having, say, a single office with an on-site team, you may end up with multiple offices across multiple countries, a number of teams made up of in-office and remote workers, and new brands selling to customers across the world.

Introducing HubSpot Enterprise Growth Suite

HubSpot announced as part of its growth stack the Enterprise Growth Suite, a new lineup of enterprise tools to allow your use of HubSpot scale as your company scales. 

Enterprise Growth Suite serves up advanced versions all three HubSpot hubs:

  • Marketing Hub Enterprise
  • Sales Hub Enterprise
  • Service Hub Enterprise

HubSpot CRM is included free with any of the above enterprise hubs. You can purchase each of these new hubs separately, or get the Enterprise Growth Suite bundle of all three with a 25 percent discount off the cost of purchasing them separately.

What is the Enterprise Growth Suite?

Our heads are still spinning after getting a sneak peek at the phenomenal new tools and capabilities you get with Enterprise Growth Suite. Because the suite is designed to grow as your company grows, you’ll get to use the same tools you know and love no matter how big and complex your company gets.

A number of new and upgraded features are available throughout the entire Enterprise Growth Suite, with the most notable outlined below.

Enterprise is for Everyone on Your Team

The platform is meant to meet you and your budget where you are at the moment, and is designed for use by every single member of your team.

  • Teams feature: Organize users into teams based on location, roles, product lines, business units or other criteria, then control permissions for each team’s access to different tools, assets or database segments.
  • Single sign-on: Instead of having multiple sign-ons for various areas of your platform, boost your security and control by configuring a single sign-on that gives each member access to permitted areas.
  • Custom events: Establish custom analytics that track a wide variety of visitor and customer actions on websites or mobile apps. These can include devices they’re using, pages they’ve visited, areas of the site they’ve accessed and much, much more.

Enterprise Extends to Everywhere You Work

Growing companies may end up with multiple offices in multiple locations, and they may also scale to operate in new regions or with new verticals and brands. Enterprise Growth Suite covers it all.

  • Custom Slack notifications: HubSpot’s native Slack integration keeps your team connected to your customers wherever they go. Set up notification triggers in Slack to alert team members when a certain condition is met so they can take immediate action.
  • Workflow extensions and webhooks: This feature moved into the Enterprise Growth Suite, where it allows you to trigger actions and pass along data to other apps and tools you use when a certain condition is met within a workflow.

Enterprise Supports Everything You Do

Not only does the Enterprise Growth Suite help you scale faster, but it continues to operate efficiently at a higher volume without adding more complexities to the mix.

  • Custom bots: Set up bots you can program with custom code to look into customer records and integrate customer facts and history into the conversation. They can be programmed to handle all types of queries to retrieve relevant info.
  • Predictive lead scoring: HubSpot improved its lead scoring model to include even more factors that are used to automatically rank the likelihood of leads to close as customers.
  • Calculated and roll-up properties: Create fields in HubSpot that can perform useful calculations, creating numbers that are unique to you and your customers and matter most to your business.
  • Recurring revenue tracking: An improvement to revenue tracking and reporting now allows you to track recurring revenue and renewals inside the HubSpot platform.
  • Additional reports + dashboards: This enhancement is a big one in enterprise, providing 25 dashboards from which teams can quickly build and manage customized reports, storing them in a custom reports library.
  • Custom property search: Search for custom properties that are unique to your company, such as company or customer identification numbers, all from HubSpot’s global search bar.

More Greatness in Enhanced Marketing Hub Enterprise

In addition to the new features and capabilities you get across the board with any hub in the Enterprise Growth Suite, HubSpot also released a number of enhanced functionalities in Marketing Hub Enterprise.

  • Content partitioning: Now you can assign users and teams to specific email templates, sales assets and other content, reducing confusion and clutter by limiting their content library to only the pieces they need to do their job. Perfect for international teams.
  • Additional domains: Purchase additional top-level domains for separate brands or a division of your company that requires own reporting and analytics, yet still manage them all through HubSpot.
  • Analytics filtering: Filter your analytics by specific criteria, such as customer’s country or region, to produce custom reports most essential for your business needs.
  • Email frequency safeguards: Prevent overloading your customers with emails from different reps by setting up safeguards that limit the number of emails they get during any given period.
  • Enhanced social permissions: Give select team members more opportunities to contribute to social by creating drafts of posts you can review before publishing on your social networks.
  • Facebook Messenger, CTAs, forms, and contacts: Take advantage of Facebook for marketing by running a full inbound funnel that delivers info and content directly through Messenger.
  • CMS membership: Another huge feature is the ability to restrict access to content to specific contacts, such as internal team members, subscription customers, prospects or other select groups.
  • YouTube integration: You can now view YouTube analytics on the performance of your YouTube content right on the HubSpot platform.
  • Continuous testing: Let HubSpot automatically test lead flows and other assets on a continuous basis without having to set up manual A/B testing or create multiple versions of an asset.

More Power with HubSpot Video Services

Personal and authentic videos are gaining ground as an effective tool for marketing, sales, customer service and deepening relationships. HubSpot Video Services, available in HubSpot Marketing Hub at the Pro and Enterprise levels, helps you use the power of video across your entire business.

Video Marketing

Host and manage video files right inside HubSpot, with the ability to embed the videos in blogs, web pages and social media channels with a single click. Easily add CTAs and forms to videos to increase interaction, or set up video-triggered workflows. Get a good look at your video marketing’s effectiveness with a new lineup of video analytics.

Video Selling

Build relationships with prospects by sharing personalized videos that explain, teach or otherwise answer their questions on a specific feature or overall benefits of your services and products.

Video Servicing

Let your service teams tap into the power of video by creating one-on-one help videos they can share with customers through HubSpot Service Hub. You can also add videos to your knowledge base for enhanced explanations, and then track results with a new video analytics dashboard.

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HubSpot Standalone CMS

Another new option from HubSpot is the Standalone CMS for professional marketers, which goes far beyond the integrated CRM or CMS upon which many company websites are built. HubSpot Standalone CMS is available for purchase without Marketing Hub, and it gives you the same features you already know and love in a new package. These features include:

  • Content and conversion tools: Forms for blogs, landing pages and websites, CTAs and Conversations
  • Design tools: Design manager, menus and themes, and the relational database of HubDB
  • Marketplace options: Template marketplace and modules
  • Management tools: Domain manager, file manager and content staging
  • Reporting tools: Web and content analytics, reporting on prospects
  • Contacts and personalization options: CRM and lists, Smart content that works within content, not on forms or CTAs

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Have questions about any of these new products? Reach out to us today!

By: Jenny Traster

With a love of HubSpot dating back to 2010, Jenny works with clients to put the pieces of the inbound marketing puzzle together, from content marketing and social media management to demand generation and lead nurturing. When she’s not digging through data or reading the latest in social media trends, you’re most likely to find her traveling, practicing yoga or hiking with her dogs in the great outdoors.

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