Perch and Ducks That Go - Inbound Marketing Highlights

03/15/2015 2 min read Written by Lynton

Hi, I'm Roman; and this is Mike. How was your inbound marketing week? 

Some articles for you:

5 Reasons Why I Refuse to Share Your Blog Post - Read this if you want your blog shared. If you are phoning in your blogs simply to produce content don’t expect that content to be shared. Don’t make mistakes in spelling or facts either. And even if you are discussing the same thing as everyone else - offer unique insight or analysis.

6 Must-Have Mobile Apps for Digital Marketers - The Buffer and Hootsuite apps I think you are are aware of. Perch is a nice way of seeing mentions across numerous social platforms and keeping an eye on your competitors.

Inbound marketing is fueled by wishful thinking - I always thought inbound marketing was fueled in part by HubSpot - seems like a better bet than wishful thinking. It’s occasionally useful to see what the critics say about your chosen profession. Candidly, I was unfamiliar with “juicing” websites and the supposed pyramid scheme that is inbound marketing. Perhaps you may be swayed into adding an educational comment or two.

10 Digital Marketing Trends In 2015 That Will Boost Your Strategy - Don’t put all your marketing eggs into Google. I found that useful. Search algorithms will always be changing and search engines like Duck Duck Go and ixquick will continue to offer privacy focused search alternatives.

New Report: Marketers' Tastes In Social Media Are Changing - CMOs get information from a smaller number of sources than you might think. After all, a CMO has a day job that doesn’t involve combing through Twitter for useful info. Some sources like Fast Company or the Wall Street Journal you would expect. Other sources like the HubSpot blog, for example, show how new brands can become thought leaders for CMOs with dedicated content efforts.

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By: Lynton

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