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Inbound Marketing

[Quiz] How Well Do You Use Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation software like HubSpot can significantly increase the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. And with stronger campaigns comes more qualified leads – for marketing and sales. However, that’s only if you’re efficiently using marketing automation. That begs the question: How well are you using this useful technology?

Fortunately, we’ve created a quick assessment to discover the areas where you can improve! In just a few short minutes, you’ll see where your proficiencies and inefficiencies lie with crucial marketing automation tactics like:

  • Buyer personas and their importance in targeting the right audience for campaigns
  • Workflows and how they can result in better lead nurture campaigns
  • Segmentation and what it means for your email marketing
  • Smart content and why you should use it across forms, webpages, and more
  • The buyers’ journey and its impact on effective lead nurturing
  • Automated communication to help with lead scoring and assignment
  • Template creation for stronger consistency across mediums
  • Customer nurturing campaigns for better retention
  • Different sales resources that help your team excel
  • Reporting and analytics so you accurately see the effect of your efforts
  • And more!

By taking our short quiz, you’ll learn what strategies need your focus to ensure you’re using marketing automation to its fullest potential. When you’re done, we’ll send you your tailored results along with a few tips on how to start the process of improvement.

So, will you be a marketing automation master, pro, apprentice, or novice? Find out today.