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10/25/2015 2 min read Written by Lynton

inbound-remarketing-highlightsHi, I'm Roman; and this is Mike. Welcome, fellow inbound marketing friend. This week we discuss remarketing, content marketing resources and building a marketing team? 

4 Tips to Improve Your Holiday Online Ads - You've already seen Christmas trees at some retail stores. Solid tips here on how to rise above the noise. Key points are going mobile and remarketing. With Google and Facebook continuing to target users by physical location, mobile presence is a must. Most consumers don't purchase the first time they consider a product. Remarketing helps remind people of the purchase they are considering. 

4 Indispensable Content-Marketing Resources - Important resource that's regularly forgotten - people. Salespeople who can share your content and HR folks who can use your content as training material. In fact, every department can be a content marketing department. 

Why Remarketing is Highly Effective - Don't think that remarketing can't be part of your inbound marketing efforts. Inbound is about providing usefulness to your online visitors. There's nothing that precludes you from useful content in your remarketing efforts. Good read here on the basics and potential of remarketing. 

How Patron's CMO Found Success In Selling Its Substance Over Its Style - Of significance here - the creation of a digital experience - the Patron Tequila Express. Patron did the creating and Patron drinkers did the sharing and promotion. Build an experience and they will come and they will share it. 

Mike Volpe Explains How He Built the Marketing Team at HubSpot (Slide Deck) - Download this deck. It's the right way to build a marketing team whether you're a person of one or team of 20. 

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By: Lynton

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