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Should You Be Worried about Ad Blockers? - Inbound Marketing Highlights

stop-signHello fellow inbound marketers! Roman and Mike here again with another edition of Inbound Marketing Highlights. 

It's been a hot week here in Texas, hopefully you've found some shade, we're almost done with summer!

No, it is not time to freak out over ad blockers, but publishers shouldn’t be caught unprepared - Ad blockers have been around for a long time. First to stop annoying animated gif ads, and combat offensive popup ads, but now adblockers are doing more like blocking third party cookies and analytics tracking. Should you be worried about your calls to action and anayltics software being blocked?

Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo! & More: How to Optimize Emails for Different Email Clients - Developing emails is a tricky task, because like web browsers, all email clients display content differently. Some very differently (looking at you, Outllook). But here are some good tips to follow to ensure that your email looks as good as it can across all clients. And make sure to test and retest your emails before sending them!

Is user experience worth the investment? [Infographic] - Short answer: Yes. Longer answer: Hell yes. An even longer one? "Every $1 invested in user experience will bring $2 to $100 in return."

What does Google's new Alphabet mean for you? - In a move no one saw coming this week, Google announced that they will be forming a new company called Alphabet which will be the parent company of all of their compaines, including Google (Google Apps, search, ads, etc.), and more. What does this mean for you? 

8 Modern Tips for Marketing to Millennials - Millennials. What do they want? How do they think? Well, HubSpot is here to help with some tips that will work on more than just millennials.

Roman is out of the office this week, so in honor of that I'm going to sneak this funny video of a bulldog in here.

Make it a good one, inbounders.