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SyncSmart Adds Custom Objects HQ to the HubSpot App Marketplace



(Denver, Co) - Today, in coordination with the HubSpot (HUBS) announcement of CRM Custom Objects, SyncSmart announced the release of their new free app, Custom Objects HQ. The app is available to install from the HubSpot App Marketplace (hubspot.com/integrations) and from the SyncSmart website (syncsmart.io). 

The CRM Custom Objects feature extends HubSpot CRM by allowing businesses to define objects other than HubSpot's standard ones. The data from those objects can be associated with one another, accessed by CRM users, and used in marketing campaigns and reporting. The feature is available to all HubSpot Enterprise customers. The Custom Objects HQ app makes the management and launch of HubSpot Custom Objects more efficient and cost-effective.

After being selected as one of a select few partners to participate in the Custom Objects beta program, the SyncSmart team realized the need for a simple tool to help customers take advantage of this incredibly powerful new HubSpot feature. With the Custom Objects HQ app, a world of customization is at every HubSpot user’s fingertips. The app makes creating and editing custom objects possible in minutes -- without needing a developer, third-party vendor, or knowledge of the object definitions API. Users can install the free app and start building custom objects in a few clicks of a simple setup wizard.

“When our team first learned of HubSpot’s custom objects, we were thrilled to start building them and help our clients realize the value. Being in the HubSpot integration business, we know that most customers don’t have the development resources readily available to jump right into API code,” said Daniel Lynton, CEO of Lynton. “How can HubSpot users go beyond standard objects and unlock an extra layer of customization in their HubSpot portal without the hassle that comes with using an API? Our app removes technical barriers so they can widen their sales, marketing, and service efforts without development help.”

After installing the app and connecting to their portal, Custom Objects HQ offers users the ability to create a new object or edit an existing one. Then, a simple setup wizard allows users to customize all the attributes of their custom object. This includes the object name, relationship rules to other objects, display options, required field settings, and including fields to index for HubSpot CRM search. After completing the wizard, the user’s custom object is instantly published in their HubSpot portal. HubSpot currently supports up to 10 custom object definitions per portal. 

"Data is the engine of a business. Custom objects in HubSpot give businesses the opportunity to build a data schema that works exactly as they need it to,” said Dylan Sellberg, Senior Product Manager of HubSpot’s CRM. “The HubSpot Product team can't solve for every unique use case under the sun, so we rely on partners like Lynton to develop solutions that exponentially increase the value our platform can provide for our mutual customers - Custom Object HQ from Lynton is going to do just that.

Learn more about Custom Objects HQ here.  

Kelly Groover
+1 720-927-5300


About SyncSmart.io

SyncSmart is the integration and app brand built by Lynton, a HubSpot Elite tier partner agency. Lynton provides a suite of expert services to grow organizations through integrated inbound marketing, including lead generation strategies, website designs and development, and HubSpot integration. SyncSmart.io is the destination for HubSpot users to find powerful CRM integrations and HubSpot apps to add powerful features to their marketing technology stack.