The Top 5 Things Tinder Taught Us About Inbound Marketing

02/13/2014 4 min read Written by Lynton

What Tinder Taught Us About Inbound MarketingWe don't understand. We're super hot, smart, single, SEO-savvy inbound marketers. We've done the selfies, gone to the gym (so we can post a picture after),  sent the cute texts with weird facial expression emojis, but something just isn't working.

So, we did the unthinkable.

In the name of "research" we signed up for the newest online dating app, Tinder, and we got a little more than we bargained for. After both questionable and awesome (but mostly creepy and awkward) dates, we've learned a thing or two. Being the inbound marketing nerds that we are, we decided to use our embarrassment for your amusement, and give you the top 5 things Tinder taught us about inbound marketing:

1. Appearance matters

On Tinder, you are being judged. Someone decides within .0005 seconds whether you're hot enough to swipe right, or be rejected and swipe your picture to the left. Ouch. Unfortunately that's what happens when someone visits your website.

If you have a hideous website with blinking banners and random video people talking, there's a good chance that someone isn't going to want to find out what your business is actually about. Just like you're not going to choose a picture of yourself to put on Tinder with no makeup and mouth guard in while reading your Gary Vaynerchuk social media book. So throw a flattering filter on that profile picture and fix your ugly website.

2. Stick to your type

There are settings on Tinder that allow you to find people within a certain distance from you, as well as what ages you want to be matched with. It's important to choose "quality" over quantity (Clearly I'm using the term quality loosely). You're not going to set your distance to 500 miles and your age range 18-50+ (I mean, that's your perogative, but eww).

Just like when it comes to your Tinder settings, it's important to not email your entire contact database if it's not relevant to all of them. Set up specific list segmentation when emailing your contacts, and look for those qualified leads that are most likely to buy your product or service, read your blog, or whatever your call to action might be. 

3. Talk the talk

Once you've liked someone's picture and they've liked yours, you've got a match! There's butterflies (or you're just laughing at yourself for actually using Tinder). And you know that for a brief moment, a guy actually thought "Eeh. Why not" and swiped right. Now you're going through his profile of how he crossfits, has a puppy, drinks fancy beer and "hates drama." You're not going to message him and tell him how much you love Cinderella and ask him go see a musical (Well I would, but that's probably why I'm single and writing a blog about Tinder). Instead, you'll ask him about his favorite beer or sports team.

Apply the same tactic to your inbound marketing by knowing who your buyer persona is and how they want to be talked to. Know what their interests are, know what they like reading, and change your tone to fit their personality. 

4. Take risks 

So what he doesn't have all his teeth and he's slightly balding? So what you're a die hard Texans fan and he likes the Cowboys? So what he's from the "other" sunshine state? No one is perfect. Take a chance! Live a little! Go on a date even if you're nervous or unsure.

Or when it comes to your marketing, hire that young, hip, inbound marketer or take a chance on finally redesigning your ugly website

5. Don't give up

It's a rough world out there when you're single. It's an even rougher world if you're still putting an ad in the Yellow Pages and cold calling people. You might have gone on 10 awful, want to shoot yourself in the foot, cringeworthy dates, but maybe the next guy might actually make you laugh and you'll make a friend. You might be getting frustrated by how much time you're spending on blogging, social media, and creating advanced content, but maybe next month will be the month your leads increase by 10 percent. 

Hang in there friends. One day you'll finally be Tinderella (or Inbound Sally).

By: Lynton

Lynton is a HubSpot Elite Partner that provides certified knowledge and tools to grow your business through integrated inbound marketing, including lead generation strategies, website designs and development, and CRM integrations.

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