Twitter Hits Home Run with Moments - Inbound Marketing Highlights

10/11/2015 2 min read Written by Lynton

TwitterMomentsHi, I'm Roman; and this is Mike. Welcome, fellow inbound marketing friend. This week we discuss Twitter Moments, agency diversity and ways a content marketing campaign can backfire. 

Moments, the best of Twitter in an instant - I feel like Twitter hit a home run with Moments. It's a fantastic way to review curated content on Twitter. I also think it's a powerful way to show the value of Twitter and the content that is generated from the platform on daily basis. 

How social media helps networks win the hearts of TV fans - There is a 64% lift in conversation levels for shows that have cast members live-Tweeting during airings. Fans want shows that have been recommended to them, that they can share, that feel like part of their lives, and — the holy grail — that they feel they “own.” That is a pretty powerful data point. TV used to me the 'social' medium. Now it's looking for life from Twitter and Facebook. If TV needs social media, then so does your company. 

The Importance Of Diversity In An Agency Team - Hiring the right inbound marketing agency is a critical aspect of your marketing efforts. But making sure the agency has the diversity to make you succeed is even more important. And the thing about diversity is that it needs to be truly diverse - diversity of thought, heritage, background, and education are all important factors. It's the agency's job to actually blend that diversity. Don't ever hesitate to ask to interview the team that will be working on your account. It's your account, after all. 

5 Ways A Content Marketing Campaign Can Backfire - Good read on the pratfalls of content marketing. I think think content is probably the biggest danger out there. Many organizations don't realize the time content takes. Even when you have agency support you will need subject matter specialists to explain concepts and be interviewed for posts and ebooks. 

Could HubSpot Be the Next Salesforce? - I think so. With a freeCRM tool and pricing that begins at $200 a month HubSpot can offer marketing and sales tech to growing organizations very efficiently. 

Well that does it for this week's fantastic five articles. Make it a great week inbounder. 

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By: Lynton

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