What CrossFit Taught Me About Inbound Marketing

06/17/2014 3 min read Written by Lynton

CrossFit and Inbound MarketingThere are two topics that really butter my biscuit and those are inbound marketing and CrossFit. Whether you want to talk about mastering a butterfly pull-up or how to get the best conversion rate on your advanced content- I’m your gal. Hook, line, and sinker I’m totally invested in both and can talk your ear off if you let me. Or shall I say kettle bell, box jump, and ghd sit-up.

So let me connect some dots here folks, drop some knowledge and talk about why inbound marketing is like CrossFit:

You have to work at it.

From your first on ramp class, CrossFit is a challenge. As a newbie the moves seem impossible, when did you ever consider putting a weighed bar over your head and doing a deep squat before CrossFit? Probably never. CrossFit is all about form, the cleaner you lift the less likely of injury and the better you will become as an athlete. But form takes practice, you don’t just walk into the box knowing how to snatch clean 85 lbs. It’s work to get stronger and better, practice and repeat and you get better.

Dedication, education, and practice is also part of success in inbound marketing. As marketers, we know an optimal conversion rate doesn’t happen on your first day. Nor does growing an audience or writing the eBook that hits home with your audience. Inbound marketing has best practices, just as CrossFit is comprised of key movements to learn to improve and get stronger. 

It’s a game changer.

As a runner I thought I was at my athletic peak running half marathons. False. I had a long way to go and CrossFit brought me there, as it does for many. Many businesses think inbound marketing isn’t the right path and don’t see it as a vital element in the growth of their business. They don’t see the “potential athlete” they can achieve with their marketing. Brochure websites, lack of email campaigns, no educational content to convert people once they hit your site.

The realization happens soon after they put strategy behind their digital presence. The fliers you were once sending out pales in comparison to the content you are producing and the audience you build online. You go from asking yourself, “how do I grow my business” to “how do I hire more people to support my growing business”. Boom- game changer. 

It takes time to see results.

What’s the phrase, Rome wasn’t built in a day? When I started working out at my CrossFit box I wanted to see results the first month. Here in Houston it’s bikini season all year and I wanted to be ready to hit the beach. Can you blame me? But guess what, glamour muscles don’t happen overnight. It takes dedication, and even more than that it takes time, to see the results of your efforts.

Similarly, expecting a 10x increase in your website traffic is also not going to be happening in month two of your new inbound marketing program. Inbound marketing is an investment in your future as you build an audience of qualified leads. By expanding on your digital marketing and adding social, email, blogging, advanced content you build momentum and a dedicated audience. 

Friends, let’s recap:

Results don’t come overnight, haphazardly, or without dedication. Whether at a CrossFit box or with your inbound marketing- the path to success takes time and hard work. You aren’t going to do a muscle up in the first day, but you may not even be able to do a pull up. But without working towards goals, you may never get there. Inbound marketing brings your business forward, making you stronger, faster, and tougher than you thought. And a step ahead of the competition who has yet to get off the couch.

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By: Lynton

Lynton is a HubSpot Elite Partner that provides certified knowledge and tools to grow your business through integrated inbound marketing, including lead generation strategies, website designs and development, and CRM integrations.

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