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Growth Driven Design SecretsWe've been working with a number of clients who've chosen a Growth Driven Design approach when refreshing their website and have seen great success. Our client successes and the challenges we've encountered in those successes have taught us  some important lessons - the secrets of our successes if you will. And being the charitable folks we are, we wanted to share these secrets with you. 

Terms and ConditionsHave you ever stopped and considered the importance of your websites terms and conditions section? You know - that tiny section in the footer of your website, that you're convinced no one even reads. Perhaps you have received a few emails from a corporation notifying you that their terms and conditions have been updated.

Website Design

Content MigrationWhen looking at the prospect of undergoing a website redesign, the entire process can seem a bit overwhelming. You may be plagued by seemingly endless questions. Where do I start? What is the best approach? Will the URL structure change? How do I want to focus my SEO?  What content on my existing website is still relevant? A website redesign has a lot of moving parts, putting a plan into place ahead of time is the only way to succeed. 

Website Design

Content for Home Builder WebsiteDid you know that it only takes 10 seconds for website visitors to decide if they are interested in the content on a website? Researchers from Microsoft  came to this conclusion after recording the browsing data from over 2 billion page hits. 10 seconds is not a lot of time, so it is very important to make a great first impression to your website visitors. We recently discussed questions to ask before redesigning your home builder website.  Once your website design is complete, what type of content should you include on your home builder website? Additionally, what other sites can you draw inspiration from and what are some best practices for writing website content?

Marketing with HubSpot

HubSpot ToolsCompanies of all sizes use the HubSpot platform to build websites, create landing pages and improve their marketing results. HubSpot offers transparency to see where improvements can be made and what is working throughout the customer journey. As HubSpot continues to grow, they continue to release new products and services to help their customers gain a competitive edge. You may think you're maximizing your use of HubSpot but probably aren't. Here are 9  HubSpot tools you should be using but probably aren't. 

Website Design

homebuilderwebsite.jpgA company’s website is a 24/7 virtual sales person regularly providing information and solutions to perspective customers. The decision of redesigning a website can be a difficult one that will require a lot of time, energy and input from both the client team and design agency. Real estate focused websites can especially be development heavy as these sites need to showcase available properties, host high resolution photos and contain the latest updated specifications and costs. Before deciding to redesign your website, ask the following questions: 

Internal Search ToolsA corporate website is chock full of compelling, relevant and searchable information about a company - from product descriptions to location pages to blog posts. Many times companies place an emphasis on their Google search results rankings but tend to overlook the importance of internal search capabilities within their own websites. The ability to internally search a company's website offers a better overall user experience, key insights on content and feedback on optimal site organization.

Website Design

Website RedesignA corporate website is the first place that potential customers go to learn about your company or your products.  It can also be a powerful sales tool for your products or services.  If your website is older, hard to scroll through and not generating leads,  it's probably time to update your website. A website redesign is no minor task. Depending on complexity and amount of existing pages, it can take up to a year to complete a traditional website redesign project. Given the significant cost, time and resource requirements for a traditional website redesign, many companies are opting for a more streamlined Growth Driven Design approach to their new website. The type of website redesign you choose depends on a number of factors.  


Local SEOFor a business to survive, they must be found online. A Constant Contact survey found 85 percent of small to medium sized businesses (SMB) know that it is important to be found on local search applications and directories, but only half of these actually have updated their listings. The most troubling stat is that 70% of SMB don’t have the time to invest in making sure they are appearing correctly on the internet. If your business isn’t appearing correctly or not even appearing on search engine results pages, then it will affect your bottom line.

Inbound Marketing Tools

Google Answer BoxThe Google search results page has gone through many changes in the past few years from changes to the AdWords layout (Link to Google Changes blog post) to the information carousel to Google Maps and the local listing three-pack. One of the changes that has been more and more prevalent in search results is the Google Featured Snippet (also called the Google Rich Answer Box). What is this box that is getting a lot of territory on the search results page? How can your content get chosen to have a featured snippet?