Professional SMS Marketing Management Can Accelerate Your Integrated Inbound Marketing Efforts

Reach Your SMS Marketing Goals

With us on your side, you’ll receive expert SMS marketing advice and more

How We Can Help You Manage Your SMS Strategy

SMS marketing may seem like just sending a text message. But, it has the potential to be so much more. Our team of experts can help you take full advantage of everything SMS marketing has to offer. Because partnering with an expert in SMS marketing means you’ll get the full value of your investment. We can create a customized plan that touches on when and how often to text your users, to all the various use cases you may not have considered, and everything in between.


Our SMSZap Tool Only Enhances Our Partnership


With our SMS marketing automation tool, SMSZap, managing your SMS marketing is easier than ever. Built natively for HubSpot, you’ll be able to engage with your HubSpot contacts through strategic marketing workflows or bulk imports. The features embedded within SMSZap - dedicated numbers, shortcodes, analytics - coupled with our expertise, will help you reach and interact with your users seamlessly.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can you use SMS marketing in an overall inbound marketing strategy?

SMS marketing can be used for a variety of campaigns, and both B2C and B2B companies like appointment reminders, sales promotions, meeting links, customer support, welcome campaigns, and more.

Who should consider using SMS marketing?

If you feel like texting with your clients or leads would be useful, then you should consider using SMS marketing.

How does Lynton help manage an SMS marketing campaign?

Similar to our other projects, we spend time getting to know you and your unique business objectives. We’ll take the time to understand your buyer personas and their customer journeys. Then, through a series of calls, we can determine what steps to take with your SMS marketing, including how and when to send messages to your clients and more.

What is SMSZap?

SMSZap is Lynton’s marketing automation platform built natively for HubSpot. With it, you can send personalized two-way communication or bulk messages to your customers and prospects all from your HubSpot portal. SMSZap is supported internationally, so your prospects and customers across the globe can be nurtured. Learn more here.