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Keep Your Sales Pipeline Full
to Meet Revenue Goals

Why Use the Reverse Funnel Calculator?

How many website visitors do you need to meet your revenue goal for the year? It can be difficult for marketers to create and convey realistic goals, but it should not have to be. Using either your historical conversion rate data or standard benchmark conversion rates, our reverse funnel calculator will take the guesswork out of exactly how many visitors you need to keep your sales pipeline full. 

We recommend making this an activity that you work on with your sales team as they can provide you with data around past opportunities and customer closes. Then you'll be able to set goals based on historical data that will better align with your sales team, determine a marketing budget and make more informed decisions when it comes to growing your business. 


INSTRUCTIONS: Only update the line items marked in yellow to determine the number of contacts you will need throughout your funnel. Input all percentages as decimals. We've helped you get started by inputting standard benchmark conversion rates. Once you hit "Calculate", your sales pipeline will appear to the right of your input numbers.