HubSpot Integration

Integrate HubSpot for greater ROI on your marketing data
Hubspot API Integration

Your company is currently using HubSpot for Marketing Automation and a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System like Microsoft Dynamics, NetSuite or Salesforce for sales management. Integrating these two systems will align your sales and marketing functions and provide closed-loop reporting.

Closed-loop reporting lets you make more data driven decisions and helps you track the success of your marketing efforts. You'll avoid manually inputting HubSpot leads into your CRM system and benefit from real-time updates. Bridging gaps between your marketing and sales departments (who has those, right?) will help your sales team stay connected with website prospects.

LyntonWeb integrates the HubSpot API with your CRM system, webinar platform, website or database to streamline lead intelligence, provide closed-loop reporting, and align your sales and marketing departments.

What do you need to integrate HubSpot with?

About the HubSpot API

The HubSpot API is a RESTful web API which sends and receives data in JSON format. With the release of HubSpot3 at Inbound 2012, HubSpot began offering a robust set of endpoints for customers and developers to connect with, including:

  • HubSpot Contacts API
  • HubSpot Blog API
  • HubSpot Workflows API
  • HubSpot Landing Pages / Forms API
  • HubSpot Email Subscriptions API
  • HubSpot Email Campaigns API
  • HubSpot Keywords API
  • HubSpot Prospects API
  • HubSpot Social Media API
  • HubSpot Enterprise Events API

For more information, visit the official HubSpot API Documentation.